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What Are Payday Loans?

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On average, adult Americans have between $11,200 to $57,800 in their savings accounts. That may sound like a lot, but 56% of Americans aren’t able to cover an unexpected $1,000 bill.

If you’ve had a huge expense come up and aren’t prepared for it, then you might be panicking. Where are you supposed to pull all that money out from anyway?

Personal loans might take too long to get. But did you know about payday loans?

What are payday loans? How can you use them, and what are the pros and cons that come with them? Read on to find out!

What Are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are also known as cash advance loans. As the name suggests, you’ll need to have a source of income to get this type of loan since your paycheck is used to repay the amount once your employer disburses the money.

These loans are considered a type of short-term loan since they’re usually repaid within a few weeks or a month (whenever your next paycheck is due). Whereas with a traditional personal loan, it can take years to repay in full. Because they’re short-term loans, payday loans also tend to have lower amounts.

Do note that not all states allow payday loans.

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What Do You Need to Get Payday Loans?

Besides having a source of income, there aren’t a lot of requirements. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have an active bank account, current residence, and valid ID. Some lenders also require a minimum monthly income.

This means that if you have no or poor credit, you may be able to borrow money.

How Can You Use Payday Loans?

The beauty of payday loans is you can use them for anything you want. There are no restrictions, so whether you use the cash for groceries, rent, gas, or anything else, you won’t be limited.

Pros of Payday Loans

If you’ve got some loan choices available, then you might be wondering what the benefits of payday loans are. Here are some of the main pros.

You Can Apply in Person or Online

You can apply for payday loans at a brick-and-mortar lender. But if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your house, this is possible too.

There are lots of online lenders you can browse without wasting time or gas. And once you find one you like, you can apply for online payday loans right on your computer.

The Application Process Is Fast

The application isn’t long and complicated, so you don’t need to spend much time filling it out.

More importantly, it won’t take long for the lender to get back to you. In most cases, you’ll usually hear back faster than traditional loans.

With traditional loans, it can take several days to weeks for lenders to give you a decision.

You’ll Get Money Fast Too

Not only will you receive quick responsives from lenders, but you can also get the funds fast. If there’s an emergency, once you accept the loan offer from a lender, funds can be deposited in as little as 24 hours

This can ease your burden and stress, especially since traditional loans take a while for approval and disbursement.

There Are No Credit Checks

If you have bad credit or none at all, then you might already know how difficult it is to get approval for personal loans or lines of credit. It can feel impossible to secure much-needed funding.

What’s great is payday loans for bad credit are available. So long as you have a steady paycheck, it’s pretty easy to get.

You Can Roll Over Your Loan

If your next paycheck is smaller than expected and you can’t cover the entire loan amount, you may be able to roll over the loan. This means you just pay some fees and you can use your next paycheck to cover the rest of the payday loan.

Otherwise, repayment is a one-and-done situation. So there’s less stress when compared to monthly payments with a traditional loan.

Cons of Payday Loans

Payday loans certainly come with a number of benefits, but there are also drawbacks. Here are the main ones you should be aware of.

Interest Rates Are High

If you think credit card interest rates are high, then wait until you see the ones attached to payday loans.

Some states don’t have rate caps; for example, before one was introduced in Ohio, payday loan rates stood at 677%! In the state of California, the typical interest rate is 460%.

But if desperately need money and are certain you can immediately pay off the loan with your next paycheck, it can save you in a pinch.

Rollovers Can Add Up

While rollovers are handy when you can’t pay back your advance in full, they can quickly add up. In addition to the fees, you’ll need to pay the high interest amount, which will only grow the longer you extend repayment.

Are Payday Loans Right for You?

The answer to the question “what are payday loans” is they’re a quick and easy way to get fast cash when you’re in a bind. However, they’re not without their pros and cons, so make sure you carefully weigh them up before you get one.

If you do decide they’re right for you, then the next step is to take out a loan from a reputable company. We at First Financial are here to give you the options you need fast!

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The Complete Guide to Choosing Auto Loan Providers: Everything to Know

The Complete Guide to Choosing Auto Loan Providers: Everything to Know

Doing research is important when choosing auto loan providers Unfortunately, there are over 6 million car accidents each year in the United States. Not all of these are minor, either. It’s not uncommon for people to deal with significant pain after auto accidents.

Get Auto Financing With Good or Bad Credit


The good news is that many of these accidents are preventable by exercising safe driving habits and using a reliable vehicle. More often than not, buyers find themselves applying for auto loans so they can afford the car that’s right for them.

Choosing auto loan providers, though, isn’t always as easy as it seems. We’ve put together a brief guide that details how you can narrow down your potential loan provider options.

Let’s dive in.

Check Out Their Online Reviews

You’ll want to make sure that you’re reading online reviews as possible.

This includes scouring through the provider’s website, social media platforms, and any other independent review sites. You should also check out the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) rating for the provider.

All of this research will give you a good idea of what other customers have experienced with the provider in terms of customer service, loan options, and repayment terms.

Look For Red Flags

When you’re reading through reviews, be sure to look out for any red flags that may pop up. These can include complaints about hidden fees, difficulty getting in touch with customer service, or a lack of transparency when it comes to the loan process.

If you see any of these red flags, you’ll want to move on to another provider.

Get Quotes From Multiple Providers

Don’t just settle on the first auto loan provider you come across.

Instead, take the time to get quotes from multiple providers. This will give you a better idea of who can offer you the best interest rates and repayment terms. Be sure to compare these offers side-by-side so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Read the Loan Terms and Conditions Carefully

Once you’ve chosen a loan provider, it’s essential that you read the loan terms and conditions carefully. This includes the interest rate, repayment schedule, and any fees or penalties that may be associated with the loan.

Unfortunately, many buyers neglect to do so when looking to secure financing. This can lead to a large number of complications in the future, such as being stuck in an agreement that you cannot comfortably manage.

Is It Possible to Get a Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

If you don’t have good credit, it may be difficult to get an auto loan from a traditional lender. However, there are still options available to you.

There are a number of subprime lenders that specialize in providing loans to buyers with bad credit. These lenders will typically offer higher interest rates and less favorable loan terms. However, they can still provide you with the financing you need to purchase a vehicle.

Keep this in mind if this situation applies to you.

What Is the Typical APR of an Auto Loan?

The typical APR of an auto loan will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your credit score, income, and the amount you’re looking to borrow. However, the average APR for an auto loan is around 4%.

If you have bad credit, you can expect to see an APR that’s closer to 10%. The good news is that you can likely refinance your loan in the future.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved For an Auto Loan?

It typically takes around 24-48 hours to get approved for an auto loan. However, this timeline can vary depending on the lender you’re working with.

If you need financing quickly, be sure to communicate this to your lender so they can expedite the process. Oftentimes, buyers run the risk of missing out on purchasing the vehicle they want if they take too long to secure financing.

Can I Pre-Qualify For an Auto Loan?

Many lenders will allow you to pre-qualify for an auto loan. This means that they’ll give you an idea of how much you’re eligible to borrow based on your credit score and income.

Keep in mind, though, that pre-qualifying for a loan is not the same as being approved for a loan. Once you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in, you’ll still need to go through the formal loan application process.

What Is the Average Term For an Auto Loan?

The average term for an auto loan is around 60 months. However, this timeline can vary depending on the lender you’re working with.

Some lenders may offer loans with terms as short as 24 months, while others may extend the term up to 84 months.

How Much Should My Down Payment Be?

The size of your down payment will vary depending on the amount you’re looking to borrow and the terms of your loan.

However, most lenders will require a down payment of at least 10%. If you have bad credit, you may be required to put down 20% or more. If you have stellar credit, you may be able to put down less than 10%.

Woman with key in hand choosing auto loan provides.

Choosing Auto Loan Providers Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Although choosing auto loan providers might seem difficult to understand at first, it’s much easier than people think. Ensure that you keep the above guidelines in mind when moving forward so you can avoid mistakes.

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