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Getting an approval  with First Financial® is easy!

Qualifying for an credit card is easy with First Financial® 

You must complete all of the information on the online application form so that we can verify your identity. After completing the credit card application, you will know in about 5 minutes what your result is. Next you may be presented with a decision and you will need to review and accept the terms and conditions.

A+ Rated Better Business Bureau

How your safety is prioritized and security protected

First Financial will never ask you to send money upfront for any reason. We will never ask for your bank account information, social security number over the phone or by email. You must complete all of the information on the request form. We do not offer phone or email applications. You must complete the credit card form online at our website. First Financial does use any direct mail, email, text or phone solicitation for any service that we offer. In addition, we will never offer to deposit money into your bank account, then ask you to take a portion of the money out and send it to us on a prepaid debit card. We do not require insurance, upfront fees or processing fees of any kind. Credit Card Payoff Calculator

The ideal card for your unique profile and buying habits

If you have good credit, bad credit or even no credit, there are plenty of custom solutions for you. Mass-mailed credit card offers go to the “average” consumer. Are you “average?” An ideal card card exists for your unique profile and buying habits. Beyond credit bureau reporting, benefits can include up to 1% to 5% cash back on gas stations, restaurants, airline tickets, hotels, and wallet purchases. More Frequently Asked Questions

If you have good, bad or even no credit there are credit card solutions for you.

When deciding on the type of benefit you’re looking for in credit card solutions, remember not all credit cards are created equal. Some credit cards are just better than others. Start by determining whether a low interest card is what you are looking for or a card with rewards attached. When completing the application be sure to complete all the required fields to get the approval you are looking for.

Paying off credit card debt can help you improve your overall financial well-being. If you have just one credit card or many, you can use this calculator to figure out how long it’ll take to pay off your debt and how much interest it’ll cost you over time. Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Different Choices for Different Needs

Consumers who pay off their credit cards monthly tend to choose cards with a higher interest rate and robust benefits like 5% cash back or travel miles. A zero balance invokes no interest charges. Those who keep a balance month after month on the other hand, save the most money by getting the lowest interest rate. Only those with excellent credit scores get both low interest rates and lots of rewards. 

Since 1996, First Financial has sought the best credit card issuers with products that help borrowers build stable financial portfolios. Only card issuers with proven integrity and reliability meet the high standards First Financial sets for its partners. Twenty-five years specializing in credit cards for bad credit, poor, and fair credit borrowers has taught us that this group wants to pay their bills, and deserves the chance to prove their reliability.

All First Financial customers can count on our 256-bit “banking-level” security (the highest the U.S. Treasury Department allows) to keep their personal information and funds safe every step of the way. Finally, in addition getting customers the best value available from credit card issuers from across the United States, we provide attentive phone customer service representatives to answer all questions and concerns. We look forward to doing business with you! More Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Call 1 (800) 315-7791 or contact the Help Desk

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