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Rates as low as 0.10% and $0.03 per transaction for qualified merchants.

Research has established that more than 60% of all retail purchases are made using a credit or debit card. More, consumers report that they have more confidence in businesses that accept credit cards.And yet, fearing fees and hassles, many merchants avoid offering credit card processing to their prospects. First Financial has found a great solution.

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It all starts with your information request. Since every situation is unique, we make sure to directly focus on and understand our customer’s individual needs. After submitting your request, within 24 hours we will reach out to you to discuss your merchant services options. Since 1996, our loans have helped more than 50,000 businesses stay current with what they want from a merchant services provider.

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Payment Processing is Easy With High-Quality Merchant Services

The advent of credit cards not only made consumers’ lives easier, it enabled business owners to eliminate expensive collections departments. With payments occurring instantly, consumers don’t have time to decide whether they’ll pay you that month or not through check or PayPal.

Despite the benefits credit card acceptance provides, in this internet era, so many ways to pay have arisen, a business owner can easily feel overwhelmed. Our processor’s “customer engagement device,” aptly named Genius, helps merchants easily select from payment types, whether they are credit or debit cards, QR codes, bar codes, or NFC and EMV options. More, it integrates these payments with gift, loyalty and rewards programs. When new payment types arise, a simple download of the application from the Genius Solution Center makes custom development and integration work obsolete.

Credit Card Processing Helps You Take Advantage of the Online Shopping Trend

Every year, we hear how internet shopping, also known as E-tailing has risen significantly over the previous. According to Forrester Research’s report Web Influenced Retail Sales Forecast 2011 -2016, online sales in 2011 were 202 billion dollars. In 2012, the vaunted research firm puts that number at $226 billion, up 10% this year. By 2016, $327 billion will fly across Ethernet cables and transoms, winging its way into business owners’ pockets.

Having credit card acceptance capabilities will help that money fly faster and farther. Credit cards are they payment of choice for online shoppers.

Do you still have a grandfather or friend who refuses to upload credit card information to the internet? We do, but the numbers above tell us this population is dwindling. When it’s so easy to shop from the comfort, warmth and peace of home, why venture out?

Go with the resource that more than 40,000 merchants have trusted since 1998 start getting your share of internet commerce.

Why Should Banks Make Big Bucks on Credit Card Processing?

We searched hard for a company that was both RELIABLE (they’re handling money, after all) and REASONABLE (as far as fees and prompt customer service). Our processor was the top in both categories.

And it wasn’t only First Financial that thought our processor had it all wrapped up. Since they opened their doors, the company has been awarded with Information Management’s Innovative Solutions Award, Inc. Magazine’s Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company award, the Electronic Transaction Association’s ISO of the Year award and Business Solutions’ Channel Vendor of the Year award. They even received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from industry watchdog www.merchantmaverick.com and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With fees lower than big banks offer, our processor makes sure most gross sales stay with the merchant. But low fees aren’t the only reason our processor consistently ranks high in the credit card processing industry. The instant sign up process allows you to start processing in 5 minutes! Large banks and other virtual merchant services take days to weeks to get accounts established and linked. And customer service? Merchants rave about the availability and knowledge the 24 /7 support staff offers both for merchant account services and equipment issues. These dedicated folks undergo weeks of training to provide honest and clear answers to all questions. Our customer service is never out-sourced.

High Risk Merchant Services from A+ Rated First Financial

high-risk-merchant-account-providerWith our low-cost guarantee merchant accounts you are guaranteed you will get the lowest overall costs now and in the future. You have the power & control over your account. Why lock yourself into long-term contracts with expensive rates & fess when you can be in control. Call us today or submit a request and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

We understand that every merchant is different. We build customized, low-cost solutions to meet your specific needs.

Reviewed at Business News Daily, Top Ten Reviews and more, First Financial’s processor ranks as one of the top two credit card processing options. Reviewers rave about


  • The Lowest overall costs on your processing services
  • No contracts or commitment obligations
  • No application, setup, programming, annual or termination fees
  • A knowledgeable dedicated account manager
  • Free Analysis & honest review of competitive quotes or offers
  • A fully disclosed merchant processing agreement

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