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It all starts with the auto loan online request form and it is designed for people with all credit types considered.

First Financial is here to help you get a personal loan. Regardless of your current credit situation a personal loan may be the solution for you.

First Financial Merchant Services. Accept credit cards at 0% cost. Our Cash Discount program accepts 95% of all applicants.

When deciding on the type of benefit you’re looking for in a credit card, remember not all credit cards are created equal.

After completing the online request form, you will know in as little as 5 minutes what your result is.

Get your questions answered and the assistance you need. We are here to help you find solutions seven days a week.

Auto and Personal Loans at First Financial

Secure the funding you need with our easy and fast online loans.

Apply in Minutes for Your Personal Loans

At First Financial, we provide reliable personal lending options for people looking for car loans, payday loans, and more. Our application process is fast, straightforward, and can provide same-day funding.

Online Loan Services We Provide

Personal Loans - MORE INFO

First Financial can provide same-day funding of up to $2,500! Applicants can review their personal loan results in 5 minutes or less. There is no obligation to accept the terms and conditions presented in our loan offer.

Auto Loans - MORE INFO

Don't let a gap in funding stop you from getting an upgraded vehicle! You can complete our auto loan application in 3 minutes or less for funding up to $95,000. We consider all credit scores.

Cash Advance - MORE INFO

Our cash advance options provide up to $2,500 the same day you complete the application. Benefits of our cash advance loans include:

  • Avoid bounced checks or impacts on your credit score from non-payment
  • Keep all personal and professional equipment in good working condition
  • Avoid expensive late fees and dings on your credit report from late payments
  • Avoid having to pawn personal items to make ends meet
  • No strings or obligations
  • Short-term repayment options
  • Fast, easy, and secure online application process

Credit Card Services - MORE INFO

We partner with multiple credit providers to match borrowers with credit card options based on their score and report. These include:

  • Student credit cards
  • Cards for people with good credit
  • Cards for people with bad credit
  • Cards for people with no credit (new borrowers)
  • Merchandise cards
  • And more...

It is important to match with the right card based on your buying habits. For example, cards with point-based incentives can be better for those looking to use those points on travel, hotel stays, and more. Another example would be cards with longer o-interest periods for people looking to do a balance transfer or pay down debt.

Whatever the case, our credit card experts can help you find the right card today!

Our Basic Loans Requirements

We partner with multiple credit providers to match borrowers with credit card options online based on their score and report. These include:

  • Verifiable income - at least $800/month
  • No minimum credit score
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Bank account required
  • Valid email address
  • Successfully complete our online personal loan application

How Our Personal Loans Process Works

Step One: Fill Out Our Online Application

Our online application is simple and user-friendly. You can complete it in minutes and be presented with multiple loan options.

Step Two: Consider Your Loan or Credit Card Options

You will be presented with multiple options based on your application. Each option comes with its own terms and conditions to meet to secure funding.

Step Three: Get the Money You Need

Once you accept the terms of the loan, your funding will be deposited in your designated account. In some cases, you can receive same-day funding.

Contact Us Today for Your Online Loans

First Financial is here to help secure the money you need for your next big purchase. Contact us for assistance with the application process. We are happy to help!

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