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All PayDay Loan services depend on merchant services.

Organize for Approval! 

PayDay lenders have been getting quite a bit of attention recently, and not much of the good kind.

In August of 2013, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman charged Western Sky Financial with requiring interest rates of 300%, many times the state’s cap of 25%. More, several large e-check processors cut ties with all payday clients, making it impossible for check cashing, cash advance and payday businesses to serve customers.

The recent crackdowns have sent payday lenders scrambling for ways to keep their doors open. A+ rated First Financial has the reliable cash advance and payday loan merchant account services that keep you in business. We’re proud to help both brick and mortar and online cash advance and payday loan providers service their customers efficiently. Our fast approvals at competitive rates are the best in the industry.

 Fast Approval:  Just a Matter of Document Organization

Here is everything you need to get in business (or BACK in business if you’ve been dumped by another processor) as a payday loan or cash advance service:

  • last six months of processing statement from your current processor if you have one.
  • 3 months of business bank statements
  • business’ articles of incorporation, corporate resolution for officers and bylaws
  • Fictitious Name Statement or copy of Proof of Publication
  • Customer loan agreement
  • Business marketing materials
  • Owner drivers’ license of passport
  • Recent utility bill displaying owner address
  • List of states in which your business operates
  • Business most recent BSA/AML review

As you can see, it’s just a matter of pulling up some files. Possibly you have them all in one place anyway.Once these documents are reviewed, we may request the business’ tax returns, statement of information and fee schedules for finalization.

A+ Rated First Financial Gets your PayDay Loan Service Going Again

Whether you’re just getting started, looking for a new merchant account to replace an existing one or scrambling madly after being dumped by your current processor, First Financial has the solution to stabilize your business. Apply online in minutes. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for the frequent tips that will help your business thrive!


Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards can offer benefits in the form of convenience, rewards, and cash infusion.  Business Credit Cards Credit cards designed for small business owners.  Business credit cards typically offer higher credit limits, low introductory interest rates and rewards programs designed for business needs.  Business credit cards come with many features that are exclusive to businesses only.  Business credit cards are designed specially to help those customers make any business prosperous and manage the expenses sagely.  business credit cards student credit cards Credit cards for small businesses are for good and excellent credit history only.  Business Credit Cards can help business owner like you to start, run, and grow their companies more effectively by providing them with special business related products and benefits.  Business Credit Card Site is here to provide complete reviews of credit card for business from the largest card company to easily compare and find the best small business credit cards for you.

6 Steps to Effective Small Business Credit Card Management

1. Apply at Home: Always consider applying for your small business credit card at your existing financial institution. Your banking relationship can aid with the approval process. When you need a line of credit or loan you will have a relationship established with your lender helping with credit applications over $100,000 not using automated scoring systems.


2. Limit Card Hopping: Signing up for multiple cards to take advantage of deals can have a negative impact on your credit rating and make managing your cards more difficult.


3. Use Grace: The majority of small business credit cards offers a 21-day grace period before you have to make payment on your purchases. Improve your cash flow using a credit card instead of checks since the new Check 21 act creates quicker clearing of checks.


4. Pay Online: Save time and extra costs by paying your small business credit card online versus paying by teller at your local branch or mailing in your payment.


5. No Cash Advance: Reduce credit card fees and interest costs by not using the cash advance feature on your card. Cash advances incur more fees and costs. Use your business account debit when you need immediate funds.


6. Avoid Late Payments: Late fees and high interest rates quickly erode the merits of using your small business credit card. Be responsible by paying off your business credit each month.


Treat your business credit card ownership as a privilege and you will avoid the disastrous effect of credit card mismanagement. Apply the same level of responsibility as the rest of your business and you will enjoy many more years of profitable business growth.

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