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Frequently Asked Questions – Cash Advance

Common Cash Advance / Payday Loan Questions

How long does it take for a lender to review my information?

Upon submitting your information, lenders review in real-time to determine if they want to provide you a loan offer.  Our lender marketplace—one of the largest in the U.S.—ensures you’ll get a response within minutes. If a lender confirms they want to work with you, you will be transferred to the lender’s website to review and approve the repayment terms.  Our simple form takes only minutes to complete, and you could get the money you need from a lender in as little as 24 hours.*

How will I know if a lender decides to work with me?

Lenders vary in the types of borrowers they seek. Some specialize in low loan amounts,  and many more who have created cash advance or payday loans for people in bad credit situations.  If a lender wants to work with you after reviewing your information, you will be transferred to the lender’s website to review and approve the repayment terms of your loan.

How quickly does the money get deposited into my bank account?

Most applicants who accept the loan offer quickly get their money deposited into their accounts in as little as 24 hours*. Those accepting the loan offer on non-business days (like holidays or a weekends) may experience delay in getting their money, as lenders processing do vary, however most deposits can occur  as soon as  the lender resumes regular business hours.

What’s the maximum cash advance or payday loan amount?

Lenders in the First Financial marketplace only offer up to $2,500.* If you pay off your loan on time, your chances of securing a second loan in the future are improved.

What can I use the funds for?

There are as many reasons to borrow money. You are entitled to use the money for anything you need. Our borrowers tell us they intend to use their cash advance or payday loan for weddings, car and computer repairs, emergency medical expenses, funerals, holidays and more.

Where do I find the terms, rates and details of my cash advance or payday loan?

First Financial isn’t your ultimate lender. Therefore, we don’t have access to that information. When you connect with your lender, they will send you all the terms and conditions of your cash advance or payday loan after you’ve sent them whatever documents required.

This said, make sure that you know your interest rate, payment dates, finance charges, and/or any fees. Each one of our wide variety of lenders has specific requirements and details. You can always choose whether or not to accept the cash advance or payday loan offer. If the rates and terms don’t fit with your needs, simply decline the loan offer. Don’t hesitate to resubmit to another lender here at First Financial.

What Do I Need to Qualify for a Cash Advance or Payday Loan?


I have bad credit. Can I still qualify?

You might be surprised at how short-term lending has changed. It’s easier than ever for those with bad credit to get short-term loans. Technology has reduced overhead and labor costs, freeing up money for online lenders to take more risks. Further, where traditional lenders depend on credit scores—only one piece of consumer information that doesn’t predict trustworthiness very well—online lenders use sophisticated algorithms to weigh in many factors about applicants’ financial habits. These advances mean that online lenders can lend to MORE applicants who find themselves in bad credit situations.

In short, most of our lenders are happy to work with bad credit clients. Applicants need only meet the following reasonable requirements:

The lender you work with could have more requirements, but most lend to bad credit applicants regularly.

I’m self employed. Can I still qualify?

Of course. Some lenders specialize in loaning to self-employed consumers. Still, they have their own requirements and generally require you to earn $800 per month. Qualifying varies by lender. You increase your chances of getting a cash advance or payday loan when you provide the name of your corporate entity or sole-proprietorship. You’ll also need to supply the main phone number of the business.

I live on a fixed income. Will I qualify?

Those who make $800 per month, even if it’s through fixed income, may qualify for a cash advance or payday loan. The lender you work with may have other requirements as well. Each lender has specific conditions they need borrowers to meet. If you don’t like the terms your first selected lender offers, feel free to seek another lender through the First Financial site.

What happens if I’m late on a payment, don’t pay the loan back, or default on the loan?

Borrowers who fail to pay the cash advance or payday loan in full face additional fees, collections agencies, and may be reported to a consumer reporting agency.

Lenders vary in terms and conditions for their loans.  If you think you may miss a payment, you should immediately contact your lender.  You may be able to negotiate with your lender for a later payment date, loan extension or other accommodation. Keep in mind, however, that not all lenders offer modifications.

When considering a short term cash advance or payday loan the responsibility of accepting the loan offer, and only accept the loan if you are sure you have a solid plan to pay it back based on the lender’s terms. Your purpose of the short-term loan should be to improve your financial picture. Paying responsibly will accomplish a higher level of financial fitness.

What steps does First Financial take to protect my information and privacy?

Both online lenders and traditional banks must use 256-bit encryption from Norton Secured powered by Symantec as well as McAfee Secure to scan our site daily for malicious software.

I receive income from both my job and benefits. Which should I enter on my form?

Many lenders accept income from pensions, social security, disability, and more as qualifying income. If you receive at least $800 monthly, and meet other lender requirements, you may enter this on the form, and may be able to get a loan.  Other conditions apply, and vary from lender to lender.

Will pension, social security, disability, and other benefits qualify as income?

Yes. Many lenders accept these benefits as income. If you bring in $800 a month and meet other lender requirements, you may and may be able to get a loan. Keep in mind that each lender has its own specific conditions. Make sure you understand each one before finalizing your cash advance or payday loan.

I haven’t gotten an email about my loan even though I filled out the form.  What should I do now?

Check your “Junk Email” or “Spam” folder. Emails from First Financial or your lender could be in there. You can also check your status the same day of entering your form by going to https://www.firstfinancial.com/status/.  If you still aren’t connected with a lender, or can’t find the email about your loan there, you can email us at customerservice@firstfinancial.com. We’ll act fast to get you and your ideal lender connected.

First Financial isn’t a lender. Why would I use your web site?

We’ve worked day and night to create one of the largest marketplace of cash advance and payday lenders in the United States. Our mission is to save you time, hassle and money. Going to several websites and filling out markedly different applications each time can take days, even weeks. At First Financial, you can apply to several lenders on just one website!

What do you do with my information? Do you keep my information?

Please read our privacy policy (https://firstfinancialonlineapp.net/privacy-policy) relative to exactly what we do with your information and how it is protected.

What if I don’t have my employer’s phone number and address?

Most lenders require you to provide your employer’s name and business phone number before they offer you a cash advance or payday loan. You’re not required to provide the address on our site, however.

Why do you need my banking information before I am approved for a cash advance or payday loan?

Lenders ensure the fastest, most secure service by depositing funds directly into your bank account. Therefore, they need a valid bank account number and the bank’s routing number so they can fulfill their commitment to you. Remember that First Financial is completely free to you. You are never charged a fee for using our online marketplace.

You’ve asked for my employer’s phone number. Will you contact my employer?

First Financial is not a lender, therefore we don’t contact your employer.  The lender, however, may need to verify your employment. Still, not all take this step. If they do, rest assured, the lender is prohibited from discussing your financial situation with your employer. Just make sure to include your employer’s main number so the lender knows you actually work there, and for how long.

Can I choose payment dates? How long after accepting my offer and getting my money is the first payment due?

Payment dates vary among lenders, and in general, the lender chooses the payment dates. Still, if you have specific constraints, you can contact the lender to negotiate payments before accepting the cash advance or payday loan.

I don’t have a checking account. Can my lender deposit my funds into my savings account or debit card?

Most lenders can only deposit funds into checking accounts. They can’t get funds into either a savings account or a pre-paid debit card.

Can I dictate the length of the loan?

Our large selection of lenders fashions its terms individually. You may be able to negotiate the length or “term” of the loan, but most determine that factor themselves. If the loan’s term doesn’t meet your needs, you can refuse the loan offer and look for an alternative. Feel free to call the lender’s customer service to determine if there’s any flexibility in the loan term.

What type of lenders are on First Financial?

As mentioned above, the cash advance and payday loan landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years due to the advent of internet technology. Lenders are stratifying to serve and specialize in different niches of the market. One lender may specialize in serving borrowers who need only $1,000 or less. Still more lend to those who need a loan for seven days or less! They all congregate on First Financial in order to reach all of these potential borrowers and dozen more “types.”

Lenders have fashioned loan rates, terms and requirements that can help people in all walks of life. When they approve an applicant, it’s most likely for a sum between $250 and $2500.

How much do I have to pay back? What is the APR?

Since First Financial is not the ultimate lender, we do not list the terms, rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), or fees associated with the loans offered to you. All of these elements vary from lender to lender. Before you accept the loan offer, you must review them carefully on the lender’s website. It’s the lender’s obligation to state loan terms clearly. If you do not understand any term, make sure to reach out to a customer service representative. Never agree to terms or provide an electronic signature unless you accept all features of the cash advance or payday loan, including the interest rate and APR.

What is the renewal policy for cash advance and payday loans?

Each lender has unique renewal policies. Lenders may also agree to alternative payment options. A renewed loan may come with additional loan fees. Review your lender’s renewal terms before you sign for the new loan terms, and ensure you agree with the alternative payment terms. You can get specific renewal policy information when you contact your lender directly. . Also, let them know you found them through First Financial to speed any resolution. If they cannot resolve your issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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