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New to Credit

When a financial emergency strikes, get the money you need to keep your situation from getting worse.  Even if you’ve had a bankruptcy, poor credit or bounced checks, you can still get the money to:

The cash advance also buys you time to talk to friends, relatives, your employer and even government resources. Get your money fast, often within 24 hours!

Our two-minute application is easy and one of our participating lenders calls you quickly to complete the final approval. Application doesn’t include a credit check, just proof of employment and citizenship, an active bank account, and a telephone number. Unlike when you apply for a credit card, exploring the cash advance option doesn’t affect your credit rating. You have nothing to lose when you apply.

With lower overhead, A+ rated online financial institution First Financial offers the lowest fees in the industry with the guarantee of all the safety every offline bank provides. Apply now for peace of mind tomorrow!

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Your safety and security is our priority

First Financial will never contact you to send money upfront for any reason. We will never ask for your bank account information, social security number over the phone or by email. We ask you to complete all information required on the form.  All request forms must be completed online at our website and do not offer phone or email applications. First Financial does not contact you with any direct mail, email, text or phone solicitation for any service that we offer. We will never offer to deposit money into your bank account, then ask you to take a portion of the money out and send it to us on a prepaid debit card. Insurance is not required, upfront fees or processing fees of any kind. Report Cyber Crime

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