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Bad credit happens to the best people. The good news: it’s typically temporary. 

Unemployment, medical emergencies, military deployments and more have a way of turning your financial picture upside down with low score. First Financial can help by guiding you to the right credit instruments designed to build your credit score. Within one to two years, your responsible credit use will lift your credit score from bad (under 640) too poor to fair to good (700+), and you once again will enjoy a firm financial foundation. Those with good credit get the best interest and car insurance rates. They qualify for the best apartments and enjoy more power negotiating every financial transaction. 

Sometimes, bad credit borrowers must start with “secured” cards. That means your have to put the money up that’s equal to the amount you want to borrow. The benefit is that the secured card issuers report regular payments to the credit bureaus. These organizations then begin to consider you a reliable risk. Your credit score rises. Once you make it to a poor credit level, you won’t need to give the money for your own purchases to the card issuer. Instead, they trust you will pay it. This process can take as little as six months. Below, you’ll find offers for secured credit and merchandise credit.

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