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Why Does First Financial Have the Best Cash Discount Programs? 

Since it’s inception in 1996, First Financial has always focused on providing solutions that enhance business profitability. We are particularly excited about our cash discount program because it can cut hundreds and even thousands of merchant processing costs each month. We know well that many businesses have just enough working capital to make it to the next month. When our merchants tell us that our programs have helped them stay in business, we could not be more thrilled. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating maintained over 25 years attests to our dedication to business success.  

A+ Rated Better Business Bureau

Convenient Credit & Debit Card Processing


Questions? 1-(760)-586-2316

We are proud to provide secure solutions to a wide variety of business owners, even those with less-than-perfect credit.

Business owners pay no processing fees and keep 100% of profits.

Cash-paying customers pay the advertised price. Credit and debit card users pay a small convenience fee 3.99%

Processing Fees Go Poof! With the Merchant-Profit-Focused Cash Discount Program Reinvest the hundreds or thousands you save into your business. Why not create your own working capital?  The Cash Discount program to propel your business because more cash payments always benefit a business. Get more cash payments with fewer chargebacks, data issues and fraud risks. Project profits more accurately when cash and credit profits stay the same.

Fully legal and ethical FTC-approved program.  

First Financial Merchants Already Recapturing Revenue

Cash Discount Merchant Services Testimonials

“On my $50,000 in receipts every month, the 4% gets me a neat savings for more marketing. I’m even saving for a 4th display case. First Financial made it happen!”

Vince Schuerch, Lincoln, NB

“First Financial got us into a cash discount program after we’d been turned down several times. First Financial saved the day and probably our business.”

Barbara Mauro, Tempe, AZ

Kenneth and Michelle always pick up the phone, so I don’t have to miss out on any sales. So nice to get a little back-up when running a business by yourself.”

Santosh Datur, Bend OR

Ensure customer convenience by taking all payment types: 

Attract MORE cash payers with cash discount signage. Rely on guidance from a payment expert as your business grows. Streamline operations with the newest hardware and software.

Get All the Low-Cost and Free Equipment You Need. Get the latest, most sophisticated POS, mobile, smart payment and contactless plug-and-play equipment sent overnight to you.

Rely on friendly, dedicated merchant support if you need it. Our customer service team steps you through everything from set-up to funding.

Business is Looking Up!

51% of businesses claim they are adapting to the “New Normal ” in commerce. 21% claim to be “thriving.” 

69% of businesses expect to return to pre-pandemic profit levels by the end of 2021.

Harvard Business School Navigator 2021 Report

Prepare for the coming boom by partnering with First Financial. A leading US merchant services provider.

GDP could hit 10% in 2021

GDP Now Report Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Trust Banking-Level Security to Protect Funds and Personal Data 

Our 256-bit (banking-level) encryption keeps all personal information and data out of the hands of hackers and internet thieves.  As the most encrypted system that the U.S. Treasury Department even allows.

Read more about First Financial Security

First Financial Cash Discount program accepts 95% of applicants. Once you complete your online application, you’ll know whether you’ve been accepted within 24 hours. Review your cash discount program offer and accept the terms and conditions to finalize it. Once you choose and accept the offer, our customer service team will call and go over the next steps.

Simple Steps to Setting Up Cash Discount Program:

  1. Your Business is Legally Registered in the U.S.
  2. Your Business has a physical U.S. address
  3. Your Business has a valid U.S. bank account

Not Certain You Will Qualify for a Cash Discount Program?

Let us reassure you. Contact us today. 

More Questions? First Financial cash discount program specialists are happy to help!

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