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High Risk Merchant Services

Comprehensive, Cutting Edge Card Processing for High Risk Businesses

As a high-risk merchant services specialist, we approve 95% of applicants, including terminated merchants, new businesses and startups, international businesses, unique industries, and more.

Turned Down? Talk to Us!

So . . . you’ve been declined for a merchant services account. Dismiss your disappointment and apply to the right high-risk merchant services specialist! We been arranging credit card processing services for hard-to-place businesses just like yours since 1996. Our network of lenders knows well that we are dedicated to delivering fair and transparent accounts to high-risk merchants. 

Next-Generation Automation Means Lower Processing Costs.

Every day, we adjust interest rates and costs to make sure we can offer the lowest in the industry.  Our state-of-the-art technological wizardry streamlines transactions and accelerates processing time; keeping staffing costs low. We pass our savings on to you in the form of low rates and fees.

A+ Rated Better Business Bureau 


The Perks Only a High-Risk Merchant

Cards Just Capture More Cash

Research shows that those using credit cards are willing to spend up to 15% to 50% more than those using cash. More, the most modern payment methods like NFC (contactless) require processing services. High risk businesses must utilize the right merchant services to maximize revenue. 

*Credit Card Effect on Willingness to Pay

Iron-Clad Online Security Safeguards Your Business AND Your Customers. The US Treasury Department has one security standard for all online financial firms: 256-bit, “banking-level” encryption. You bet we’ve implemented it and we follow those guidelines closely! Beyond our respect for governmental regulations, we know our first duty is to keep you and your customers safe.

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“I was just about to give up on accepting cards and NCF payments (business suicide) when I found First Financial. I have been denied several times by others, but I was finally relived after Mike got me set up and rolling in a day!”

Carol Li Jonesboro, Phoenix, AZ

“I always hear about the newest payment method from First Financial. When a new customer comes in waving their phone to pay, I get to say “Sure we accept that!” A Great Company!”

Jacob Blume, Albany, NY

“So nice to have Paula and Marina to discuss the newest payment methods with. They are experts that always get me updated with the right hardware and software!”

Pam Padilla, Reno, NV

Sell via your Phone, at Your Store, on the Road & Online

“Plug + play” . . . has card processing hardware ever sounded more fun? We send you the newest most sophisticated POS, mobile, smart payment and contactless equipment overnight. This next-generation technology takes care of the hard stuff; you just push buttons and answer questions. If at any point you get stuck, our 24/7 customer service team is here to talk you through it. We know well that you need to capture every sale! 

In most cases, you receive this equipment for FREE!

Hassel-Free Steps for High-Risk Merchant Service Account Approval

First Financial’s high-risk merchant services program accepts 95% of applicants. Once you complete your online application, you’ll know whether you’ve been accepted within 24 hours. Review your merchant services account offer and accept the terms and conditions to finalize it. Once you choose and accept the offer, one of our representatives will reach out to you with the next steps.

Why Is First Financial a Premier High-Risk Merchant Services Provider?

First, we’ve always found some business categorizations as “High Risk” somewhat arbitrary. Why do banks think golf club manufacturers and document services are harder to deal with? Whether your industry is deemed “High Risk” due to frequent returns or the nature of your products, it is serving consumer demand and therefore fully legitimate. To make the most profit, it must accept the wide array of card and electronic payments available now. In business since 1996, First Financial approves 95% of high-risk merchant processing account applicants. We are proud to serve “High Risk” businesses, and this unique part of the market has ensured our own success. We are proud to deliver the best, most secure solutions to the widest variety of applicants, even those with less-than-perfect credit. We exist to keep all business, no matter the size or categorization, thriving!

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Financial high-risk merchant services specialists are happy to help!

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