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A leading provider for merchant services in the U.S., A+ rated First Financial serves both high-risk and low risk industries, including travel and entertainment businesses. Fierce competition and indecisive travel and entertainment customers make maintaining a profit challenging. With 20-years experience, First Financial knows how critical it is for car rental agencies, movies theaters, travel agents and more to keep costs low while accepting a wide variety of payments. First Financial’s excellent merchant services ensure problem-free transactions and cost-effective systems. Apply here today!


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First Financial Travel & Entertainment Merchant Accounts Key Benefits

Customers seeking travel and entertainment products are constantly move on to the latest trend, which is why your travel & entertainment entity must also constantly provide the very latest and greatest services. First Financial merchant services accounts evolve with your industry. Customer demands are more easily rectified if your business can provide the most cutting-edge credit and debit card processing systems.

Keep your travel & entertainment customers happy with the best merchant services account available. First Financial merchant account services include:

Travel & entertainment customers are extra skittish recently as travel restrictions, security threats, and fear of terrorism fill the news. Credit card and debit card acceptance and security eases these concerns.

First Financial even offers up personalized and specialized card processing for your travel & entertainment business, catering to your unique needs. Your customers will appreciate the ease of payment options, and you’ll appreciate the unnecessarily high per transaction costs.

First Financial Has a Handle on the Fluctuations in the Travel & Entertainment Industry

Travelers and entertainment seekers are always ready to move on to something fresh and new, so First Financial also stays current with the latest innovations with regards to debit and credit card payments. Whether it’s the ease of online or even smartphone payments, or fast processing methods, First Financial is proud to be on the cutting edge of making these transactions easier, and more secure than ever. In fact, payments can be processed in just a few seconds, and payments will arrive in merchant accounts within days.

All of the First Financial processing options are top-of-the-line, such as our:

Online Processing – First Financial was one of the first merchant service providers to provide secure internet merchant accounts. Thanks to our ability to keep abreast of the latest internet banking technologies, your travel & entertainment entities will always be able to accept credit and debit cards without any problems.

Retail Processing – The fickle travel & entertainment industries need to stay competitive with the most current software and hardware. First Financial will provide you with the point of sale systems, and credit card and virtual terminals so you can run credit cards from the register. We’ll even direct you to the best processing options for your particular needs, based on your business volume.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – You and your customers need to be able to utilize mobile and wireless processing, so you’ll be happy to hear that First Financial stays current on these developments. Our 24/7 support, our constant hardware/software updates and our easy mobile payment app all make First Financial a leader in merchant services for the travel & entertainment industry.

Travel & Entertainment Industries Benefit from the Solid Foundation a First Financial Merchant Service Account Provides.

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Even with the uncertainties that plague today’s entertainment seekers and traveller, the industry is still doing very well. The latest outlook from Deloitte proclaimed that “Economic fundamentals for consumer spending are solid going into 2017, which gives travel companies a good reason to remain optimistic about demand for all types of trips.”[i]

As for the entertainment segment, according to market analysis performed by marketresearch.com, the entertainment industry is “constantly evolving with new innovations” and because of this, “competition within this industry is steep” and “consumers are demanding more.”[ii] This means your entertainment business needs to keep up with the evolving demands of your customers. First Financial is right there to help you every step of the way with our own cutting edge processing methods that make it easier than ever for your customers to feel catered to and special.

This idea of specialized care is especially prevalent in the travel & entertainment industry right now. For example, some customers put great importance on environmental awareness when it comes to their pleasure-seeking pursuits. According to global communications firm Edelman, the United Nations even dubbed 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, meaning that rising consumer awareness is driving such trends as meaningful sustainably-aware excursions, for example, eco-minded trips and outings.[iii]

Both the travel and the entertainment industries need to stay up to date with cyber-ease transactions. For example, bandwidth capabilities and virtual reality programs are slated to become popular in the future for complementing the sensory experience for the consumer.

First Financial can’t wait to help your travel & entertainment business grow as technology grows. Open a merchant account with First financial and once your merchant account is approved, indulge in such perks as mobile processing, regular hardware/software updates, security, and so much more.

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