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Student Cards

Easy Ways to for Students and Others to Start Managing and Building Credit

Just because some folks, students in particular, are new to credit doesn’t mean they can’t be smart about choosing the one that will stretch their dollars the farthest. We all get credit card offers from the big banks in our mail boxes regularly. But do these financial giants, which spend millions in marketing, really offer the lowest rates, the best terms and the most robust rewards? Maybe it’s time to give a less spendy lender a chance. Lower-profile institutions are just as reliably insured and monitored by the SEC, and they have money too! A careful choice of the first credit card can set you on the right track to a lifetime of potent money management. Compare offers for yourself.

Debt gets a bad rap from many financial experts who wag their fingers at those who need items they may not have all the cash for today. You know who has debt? Those very financial experts! But more, teachers, nurses, big business, non-profits, churches and even the United States government use the convenience of debt when the need arises.

Using debt productively in the form of credit cards specifically tailored to your situation helps:

  • improve credit scores (which in turn lowers auto and home loan interest rates, saving you money.)
  • facilitate cash flow (through rewards programs)
  • make life easier and more secure (by having emergency funds at the ready)

Peruse your options and choose the credit card that will establish you as a great risk and reliable borrower. First Financial credit cards make the process easy. Apply for credit card consideration here and get an answer the same day!

For each card, we’ve created a bulleted list that covers:

  • annual fees
  • terms
  • APR and fees on balance transfers
  • APR and fees on standard purchases
  • introductory rates
  • introductory period
  • nature of rewards programs

Depending on your current financial situation, you may choose a longer introductory period with a higher interest rate. On the other hand, if you’re juggling finances just for the next six months, an 0% introductory APR for that period will keep the most cash in your pocket. You scan quickly and decide!

More, we’ve had our financial experts review all the information for each card, teasing out the important facts and allowing you to quickly measure which features best match your spending and savings habits. Students and others who haven’t had a chance to establish a credit history appreciate this honest, straight-forward approach.

First Financial Credit Cards for Students and Other No Credit Borrowers Make It Easy

We’ve heard a crazy rumor that you can’t get a credit card unless you already have a credit card. It’s kind of like how you can’t get a job unless you already have a job, another baffling reality too many have experienced since the Great Recession.

Worse, ever since 2011, students can’t use a parent’s income to qualify. It takes your own job to put some plastic in your pocket, even if you’re working hard on your studies. Often, the secured credit card (where you put up a few hundred dollars for “security”) is the student’s only hope. Until the last couple of years, it has been the go-to credit card for student use.

First Financial has combed the United States for banks that are willing to consider all borrowers, even students and those with low to no credit. These sometimes smaller banks understand that they have an opportunity to begin a lifelong relationship with responsible people who just currently happen to be students or those with no credit history.

Your first credit card or the first credit card after a bankruptcy puts you on the road to building or rebuilding a credit history. The first credit card also makes it easier to obtain additional credit, so that relatively soon you can apply for a car or personal loan without having to resort to family members to co-sign. What a relief!


First Financial Credit Cards Help You Become a Capable Money Manager

How do high-earning athletes, actors and rock stars ever end up bankrupt? Despite abundant good looks and talent, they are poor money managers. If you’re going to be an athlete, actor or rock star, be a financially savvy one. We don’t want to see you on the entertainment “news” shows teaching typing classes to make ends meet.

Smart money managers start early understanding where they spend and where they can save. While credit cards are typically associated with spending money, getting the right one can create positive habits that translate into long-term benefits. For instance,

  • grocery rewards credit cards return a percentage of purchases, but shoppers often combine that money with coupons to double their savings;
  • cash back cards encourage consumers to stretch that “free” money as far as it can go by waiting for discounts and comparison shopping;
  • travelers who use credit cards that award airline miles save the price of their own or a companion’s ticket.

These habits, once begun, can infuse students with the satisfaction of saving and managing money well. But it’s important that the applicant has enough offers available to enable him or her to get habits working well with rewards. First Financial features all kinds of options on student credit cards, business credit cards and more!

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