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First Financial Prepares Merchants for the E-Wallet Era with Smart Phone Processing

Mobile wallet, e-wallet—whatever you want to call it—consumers are leaving the the leather billfold at home and taking their cell phones to the stores and markets instead.

More, they expect any established merchant to be able to:

  1. Accept payments from APPs on their mobile phones, AND
  2. Process their credit cards through the merchant’s mobile phone.

Anyone who’s been to a farmers’ market lately has probably seen vendors run a credit card through a smart phone. Smart phone credit card processing allows merchants to accept payments at tradeshows, client homes and offices, markets, conferences and more.

With our technology, that smart phone in your pocket is actually a point-of-sale (POS) device, capable of securely processing electronic transactions from even the biggest of banks. In the business since 1998, we know to offer chargeback protection, next day funding and no limits on processing volume.

First Financial Brings You into the E-Wallet Era SECURELY

Our processor’s software fully encrypts sensitive information from both consumer and merchant. The PCI-DSS certified network stops any card fraud instantly. PA-DSS compliant, it works with most major processors in the U.S. Where checks can always bounce and clients can choose to not pay a PayPal transaction, smart phone credit card processing starts the process of transferring funds from a customer’s to a merchant’s account once goods are exchanged and services agreed upon.

Increase Revenues When Sales Close Outside the Store, Too.

Process your real-time credit card transactions anywhere you can connect to Wi-Fi, Edge or a 3G internet network. Our free software application doesn’t require a wireless terminal, a gateway or any cellular access fees. More, to expand reach, First Financial has created versions for all devices, whether they’re Apple, Android, Blackberry or even a laptop personal computer!

Don’t let size fool you.  Our software application running on your smart phone can also:

  • Apply sales tax
  • Add tips
  • Let customers sign their names right on the screen
  • Process credit and cash sales
  • Process voids
  • Give refunds

When you use smart phone credit card processing, you not only show clients that you’re on the leading edge of your industry, you demonstrate your commitment to their convenience. First Financial makes accepting payments via the smart phone hassle-free and cost effective.

4 Easy Steps to Processing Credit Cards Payments on a Smart Phone

First Financial incorporated all the complex set-up process into the software applications, leaving merchants free to transact business. Follow these simple steps to begin accepting payments on the go.

  1. Sign up for an account either through us or through your current Merchant Service Provider.
  2. Choose whether you’ll be using a “swiper” or other equipment. When equipment arrives simply plug it into the headphone jack.
  3. Download the software from our site to your smart phone.
  4. Activate your accounts and you’re ready to start accepting payments via the smart phone! Remember, too, that we always have a crack team of customer service representatives ready to help 24/7.

The Mobile Wallet Era Is Around the Corner. Are You Ready?

With the ability to pay from a device that also takes photos, stores coupons and posts to Facebook, the tired old billfold just seems antiquated and clunky.  According to New Media Trend Watch, “by 2016, proximity mobile payments will have exploded in the US, and total transaction value will hit $62.24 billion.” Considering that mobile payments totaling just $640 million in 2012, the 10,000-fold increase is nothing to sneeze at. Best to get on this gravy train pronto.

With over 300,000 units shipped, First Financial Smart Phone Credit Card Processing Is the leading provider of secure mobile phone card readers in the United States. Our dedicated 24/7 customer service team has your back as you make the transition to the mobile wallet era. Sign up now and start increasing your revenues with smart phone credit card processing.

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