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Retail and Restaurant Credit Card Processing Can Increase Sales 250%

Studies have shown that the average credit card user spends up to 2.5 times more than consumers using checks or cash. Credit cards not only offer shoppers a quick, convenient way to pay, but provide peace of mind that the store is reputable enough to engage a third party payment system and, should a dispute arise, the credit card issuer can advocate on the consumers behalf. Whether you are opening a new business or just expanding your current storefront, you must accept credit cards in order to maximize sales. First Financial provides the flexible and reliable products and services that enable you to process electronic credit card payments safely.

Allow consumers to make larger and impulse purchases by accepting a variety of cards, including:

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Our technology exceeds the processing industry’s growing demands. Reviewed at Business News Daily, Top Ten Reviews and more, our processor consistently ranks as one of the top two in the industry. Reviewers cite our:

8 Easy Steps to Processing Credit Cards in a Retail Store or Restaurant

A few pieces of equipment and a quick set up time make accepting credit cards a breeze. After sign up, you will receive more instructions and, of course, the help of our 24/7 customer service team. This overview familiarizes you with the procedures.

  1. The merchant sets up the credit card processing terminal in a few easy steps.
  2. With each sale, the merchant slides the credit card through the terminal and enters the amount.
  3. The processor contacts the bank that issued the card to determine if sufficient funds are available ot cover the sale.
  4. If funds are sufficient, the processor sends an approval number or code. If not, a decline message is sent. Steps 1 -4 take less than 20 seconds.
  5.  At store closing time, the merchant “settles” or “batches out” the terminal, starting the process of transferring the funds from the bank that issued the card and into the merchant’s account. It takes up to 2 business days for payments to reach the merchant.

That’s it!

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Credit card acceptance capabilities are a win-win for both consumer and merchant. While low fees are involved on the merchants’ side, increased sales more than make up for them. Consumers enjoy not only the convenience they get when using credit cards, but the potential for cash and other rewards as well as the added security.

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