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Broaden Your Business by Offering Merchant Services

Expand your business services with little effort when you become a First Financial merchant account services referral partner. With consumers using credit and debit cards over cash and checks by a margin of seven to one, every business needs to establish reliable, secure credit card payment processing. Serve your clients when you refer an experienced merchant account services provider that’s successfully served businesses since 1996. Become a First Financial referral partner today!

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A Proven, Powerful Revenue Stream

First Financial pays residual fees to referral partners on all credit card, debit card, check, pre-paid gift card and pay card transactions for every business you refer. Today’s sophisticated automation means after the initial relationship is established, your business can sit back and watch residuals flow into your account month after month.

A leader in payment processing for over 20 years, First Financial has created programs for businesses in both high- and low-risk industries. Companies that work with high-risk industries can rest assured that robust merchant account services exist for their clients as well as for the more stable niches. First Financial has found excellent, trustworthy solutions for every legal business.

Often, business to business companies like yours integrate First Financial merchant services into comprehensive bundles that bring several back-end services under one umbrella. In today’s complex, high-tech marketplace, having one go-to resource for a variety of business needs reassures prospects. The First Financial name will also impress your prospects, encouraging them to choose your services.

Your Customers Will Be Able to Offer:

As a Referral Partners, You Get Transparent & Consistent Access to:

First Financial Most Successful Referral Partnerships

Agent Partnerships – If you’re thinking of providing your clients with merchant account services, don’t go it alone. As a First Financial agent, you springboard from a proven business model. We have been tailoring merchant account services for businesses in both high and low-risk industries for over 20 years. Leverage our expertise to grow your business and your revenue! We offer the most competitive residuals in the industry.

Medical Billing Software – Help your clients navigate the digital age when you offer merchant account services tailored to medical, dental, chiropractic and alternative health practices. First Financial makes its merchant account services software as your developers make your medical billing software. Training with one of our onboarding specialists helps you develop your sales messages. Care for your clients in every way when you bring them a medically-tailored and affordable merchant account services solution.

Franchise Partnerships – As the franchise originator, your job is to deliver a stable business to your franchisees. They depend on you for branding, marketing and business processes. When you bring them the best back-end merchant account solutions, you both profit. Trust First Financial’s 20-plus years providing both high-risk and low-risk merchant services for franchises. Turn our experience into your gain when you become a referral partner. We keep our software user-friendly and backed up by 24/7 customer support. Franchisees need a partner to accept today’s consumer’s preferred payment methods: credit and debit cards.

Petroleum Technician Partnerships –  The petroleum industry has had its challenges over the past ten years forcing gas stations to cut costs to the bone. Let your petroleum and gas station customers know that drivers using credit cards spend from 20 to 100 percent more than when using cash. [i] They make more convenience and impulse buys in the store and top off more often. Then mention you can make accepting credit cards easy.  A+ rated First Financial will takes care of your customers with 24/7 customer service and the lowest rates in the industry.

National Merchant Program – Premier national and mid-market businesses need best-in-class electronic payment solutions to keep themselves and their customers secure. A+ rated First Financial starts with 128-bit or “banking-level” security, the strongest the U.S. Treasury Department permits. Additional safety measures built from there dissuade hackers from attacking your databases. Even better, First Financial provides customers with the widest variety of payment options, ensuring customers can accept not only credit cards, but electronic check acceptance and prepaid gift cards. Acting as your customers’ always-available and expert payment consultant, First Financial brings goodwill to your brand.

Payment Gateway Companies – Online payment gateways underlie the success of many businesses, particularly ecommerce. Merchants can get confused, however, when payment gateways don’t connect all the pieces involved in accepting credit cards. When you refer A+ rated First Financial, you deliver a tried-and-true solution with 20-years experience providing merchant accounts to businesses in both low- and high-risk industries. You’ll appreciate the care First Financial provides your customers and the residuals we send to you each month!

eCommerce Partner Program –  Credit, debit and gift cards rule the internet shopping experience. Anyone who provides services to eCommerce businesses knows the potential inherent in online ordering. There’s no way to hand cash or a check over to an eCommerce merchant. Every day, new eCommerce ventures appear on the internet. Help them keep revenues consistent and robust by providing the capability to accept credit and debit cards. First Financial has provided the merchant accounts to thousands of eCommerce businesses. Because we’ve experienced both the pitfalls and opportunities first hand, we can help your clients maximize profits immediately.

Payment Facilitator Solution –  The newcomer to the merchant services space, payment facilitators certainly have sped up ability for merchant account services agents to get up and running quickly. Some, however, will need a tried-and-true merchant services provider that’s maintained an A+ rating for 20 years. In those cases, First Financial can provide your customers with safe and reliable merchant accounts.

Financial Institution Partnerships – Over the past 10 years, the number of products financial institutions have been able to offer their clients has exploded. Complex times call for simplification of financial services, however and financial institutions that can provide more services at one location serve their customers well. When you refer A+ rated First Financial merchant account services, you can rest assured you are taking good care of your loyal customers. The residuals you receive help your business thrive, and the goodwill you’ll earn bolsters your reputation.

Referral Partners – Our referral partners earn monthly residuals rather than a one-time “finders’ fee.” These payments even out their cash flow and encourage them to broaden their service offerings over time. In First Financial’s more than 20 years as a merchant account services provider, we’ve partnered successfully with hundreds of software and technology companies, payment gateways, financial services and many more. If your industry isn’t on this list, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ve found creative ways to partner with the most cutting edge companies in the card processing space.

Software Companies –  Moore’s Law dictates that technological performance doubles every 18 months. Accurate or not, innovation’s advances often mean your clients need you as an intermediary between themselves and how money flows over the internet. We’ve come a long way from the card imprinter and we have a long way to go forward. When you refer First Financial merchant account services to your clients, rest assured that they’ll get both state-of-the-art card processing technology and user-friendly interfaces backed up by 24/7 customer services. The residuals you receive monthly can stabilize your cash flow.

POS System CompaniesYou’ve done the hard work by finding the unique POS hard ware and online solutions that serve scores of industries. Let these same customers know that now you can arrange credit and debit card processing as well. Simplify their back-end business processes by providing everything that has to do with plastic. POS Systems companies can leverage their knowledge of customer needs but they don’t have to do it alone. First Financial referral partners enjoy monthly residuals which add up better than one time “finder’s” fees.

iOS/Android Application Developers –  You bring businesses into the digital era by creating the apps that allow them to connect with customers. Simplify their businesses that much more when you offer merchant account services at their industry’s best rates.

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[i] Schwartz, Nelson. “Credit Cards Encourage Extra Spending as the cash habit melts away.” The New York Times. March 26, 2016.  https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/27/your-money/credit-cards-encourages-extra-spending-as-the-cash-habit-fades-away.html

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