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Merchant Services for Multi-Level Marketing

A+ Rated First Financial Merchant Accounts for Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

As a leading U.S. provider of merchant services, First Financial is committed to supporting unique business models like multi-level marketing. Unlike most traditional banks, we recognize multilevel marketers as filling a need in the current American economy. We’re proud to provide the ability to accept credit and debit cards for multilevel marketing companies. These, too, drive the wheels of commerce. Click this button to get your merchant services account approval today!

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Get the Most Powerful Benefits in Your Multilevel Marketing Merchant Account

Even though multilevel marketing businesses have few merchant account options, First Financial is dedicated to providing all the bells and whistles those in allegedly less risky industries have.

When you apply with First Financial, you’ll enjoy:

Terminated? Rejected? That’s the Bank’s Loss . . .

First Financial Payment Processing Benefits Multi-Level Marketing Companies

First Financial has taken the time to examine the nuances of the multilevel marketing industry. We know that providing merchant accounts to these businesses has the potential to benefit us as much as it does you.

The reluctance of banks to provide merchant accounts to multilevel marketers stems from the fact that several in the industry have committed fraud. Rather than striving toward the goal of delivering unique products in intimate settings, a few multilevel marketers turned their businesses into full-blown “ponzi” schemes. Unfortunately, shady and illegal practices by a few affected the entire industry.

Determined from the beginning to specialize in the needs, challenges and opportunities of businesses in high-risk industries, First Financial has created solid relationships with both domestic and international banks that understand that a few bad actors don’t ruin an entire niche of American commerce. The most successful multilevel marketers bring hard-to-find, quality products into a fun, party-like setting where shopping is combined with socializing. Many consumers prefer this method of browsing products while catching up with friends and having drinks and appetizers, too.

Set Up Your Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards

First Financial strives to join these legitimate multilevel marketing businesses with quality merchant accounts. Robust research from industry leaders reveals that consumers use credit and debit cards (and prepaid cards these days[1] ) to buy their products 78% of the time. [2] Incredibly (for those over 50 anyway), just nine percent of consumers now use cash and one percent use checks. 

Most business owners understand that accepting credit cards

As a multilevel marketer, you understand that consumers use credit cards to keep track of their purchases, win rewards and just make shopping easier. Your customers will be happy that you accept credit card payments.

Simple Processing Software and Hardware Anyone Can Use

Miniaturization of devices and advances in software make both point-of-sale equipment and learning the steps in processing a snap. If you struggle at any point with the set up and use of the equipment or the software, we’ll step your through it until you’re a pro.   

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Get your cash flow in positive territory fast when you set up your merchant account with First Financial. Complete our easy application from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. We’ll make sure to get back to you within 48 hours.  The few documents we need can be easily scanned and emailed. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the most out of your merchant account!

[1] 2015 Banking on Prepaid ReportPew Charitable Trusts. June 2015

[2] TSYS 2015 U.S. Consumer Payment Choice Study  T SYS People Centered Payments. July 2015.

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