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As a leading U.S. providers of merchant services, First Financial faithfully support those business models that traditional banks consider “high-risk.” We know that the whole moving and transportation industry has a promising future, and we want to encourage that growth by providing these businesses with the ability to accept credit and debit cards. Click this button to get merchant services account for your moving and transportation company approval today!

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Moving and Transportation Merchant Accounts with Premium Benefits

Considering its healthy future, the Moving and Transportation industry should enjoy the merchant account perks offered to those in low-risk niches. First Financial makes sure its high-risk business clients can accept credit, debit and other cards easily and at the lowest costs in the industry.

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Freight Tons Slated to Grow 40% Over the Next 30 Years

First Financial Wants to Work in this Growing Industry

First Financial believes in the future of the Moving and Transportation industry. For good reason.

The United States Department of Transportation 2016 statistical report revealed that freight tons slated to move through the transportation network is expected to grow 40 percent over the next thirty years. In addition, by 2045, the value of the total freight being transported (via all modes of transportation: air, rail, trucks, and pipeline) will to $37 trillion.[1]

A 2016 Road scholar report forecasting the trucking industry’s future echoes the government’s findings. More aggressive, it puts trucking revenue growth up by 66% by 2022. More near-term a global economics research firm forecast that the U.S. Gross Domestic Product from Transportation and Warehousing will reach $556.14 billion by 2020.[2]

Growth in the moving and transportation industry stems increased urbanization, online commerce and renewed confidence in the economy. All three factors spur consumer spending, resulting in a larger volume of transportable goods than ever before.

While some industry pundits have concerns over truck and freighter pollution output, the new administration has demonstrated a inclination toward less regulation. More encouraging, truck manufacturers have been developing engines that fall in line with EPA standards. For example, manufacturers are now testing engines that will comply with the new EPA limits on nitrous oxide emissions. Fleet managers are also testing alternate transportation fuel options like hybrid and natural gas.

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Given the moving and transportation’s industry’s potential, First Financial is eager to provide it with the merchant accounts that will keep payment processing simply and streamlined.  Our application is easy to complete, and you can even scan and email it to us. We will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for insights for financial security with running a business.

[1] “DOT Releases 30-Year Freight Projections.” Bureau of Transportation Statistics. March 2016.  https://www.rita.dot.gov/bts/press_releases/bts013_16

[2] “US GDP from Transportation and Warehousing 2016 – 2020.” Trading Economics.com

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