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[expand title=”Today’s consumer expects the option to pay with credit and debit cards“]

Most ecommerce shoppers use them predominantly. But the advantages are not just for consumers. Businesses, too, benefit when they offer payment by credit and debit cards.

First, research reveals that those paying with credit cards spend more than if they just used cash. Even credit card logos appearing on a storefront or website prompt consumers to spend more. More, consumers report that they have more confidence in businesses that accept these cards. Finally, today 77 percent of shoppers use debit and credit cards. Just 12 percent use cash.

First Financial directly focuses on each merchant’s individual needs to create a custom solution that boosts sales and keeps costs low. After submitting your request, we will reach out to you to discuss your merchant services options within 24 hours.


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Curious about how merchant services and credit card acceptance fits with the industry you are in?


[expand title=”Payment Processing is Easy with High-Quality Merchant Services“]

In the past few years, alternative payment methods have joined credit cards as convenient payment methods. Millennials and Gen Zers love Venmo, PayPal, Google Wallet and even prepaid debit cards.

Never fear, First Financial is here.

Our processor’s “customer engagement device,” aptly named Genius, helps merchants easily select from payment types, whether they are credit or debit cards, QR codes, bar codes, or NFC and EMV options. It handles Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, PayPal and integrates with gift, loyalty and rewards programs, too. When new payment types arise, a simple download of the application from the Genius Solution Center makes custom development and integration work obsolete.


[expand title=”E-Commerce and M-Commerce Demand Credit Cards“]

With consumers embracing ecommerce, it was only a matter of time before mcommerce (or mobile ecommerce) became the way to buy. Today, more consumers feel perfectly comfortable ordering items from their smartphones, whether they first found them on social media, via an app or through mobile search.

In 2017, mobile ecommerce sales made up 34.5% of total ecommerce sales. Business research giant Statista predicts that by 2021, mobile ecommerce sales will rise to 54% of all ecommerce transactions. Credit cards are the payment option of choice for those buying via phone or laptop. Having credit card acceptance capabilities will help that money fly faster and farther. Go with the resource that more than 50,000 merchants have trusted since 1996 to get your share of ecommerce and mcommerce.


[expand title=”Cutting Edge Merchant Services Technology“]

We searched hard for a company that was both RELIABLE (they’re handling money, after all) and REASONABLE (as far as fees and prompt customer service). Our processor was the top in both categories.

Since they opened their doors, the company has been awarded with Information Management’s Innovative Solutions Award, Inc. Magazine’s Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company award, the Electronic Transaction Association’s ISO of the Year award and Business Solutions’ Channel Vendor of the Year award. They even received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from industry watchdog and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With fees lower than big banks offer, our processor makes sure most sales stay with the merchant. But low fees aren’t the only reason our processor consistently ranks high in the credit card processing industry. The instant sign up process allows you to start processing in 5 minutes. Large banks and other virtual merchant services take days to weeks to get accounts established and linked. And customer service? Merchants rave about the availability and knowledge the 24 /7 support staff offers both for merchant account services and equipment issues. These dedicated folks undergo weeks of training to provide honest and clear answers to all questions. Our customer service is never out-sourced.

In short, when you secure your merchant services through First Financial, you’ll get:

With over 20-years’ experience in the merchant services industry, we know what business owners need most. More we stay current with the trends in merchant services to ensure you provide the most popular payment options.


[expand title=”High Risk Merchant Services from A+ Rated First Financial“]

With our low-cost guarantee merchant accounts, you get the lowest overall costs now and in the future. You have the power & control over your account. Why lock yourself into long-term contracts with expensive rates & fess when you can be in control. Call us today or submit a request and we will contact you to discuss your needs.



We answer many more questions on our: merchant services FAQ page

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