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Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

First Financial has become a leading U.S. provider of merchant services by serving both high-risk and low-risk industries with integrity since 1996. With technology rapidly advancing and competition in the digital space increasing[1], to remain competitive, it’s vital for national chains to meet the demands of customers. We’ve helped thousands of national merchants and chains accept credit and debit cards so their customers can pay conveniently and securely.


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Today’s technologically-savvy customer has discretionary income to spare, but they’re selective about where they spend their hard-earned cash. They expect the payment process to be a no-brainier, designed for ease of use and efficiency. It’s up to the chains to make sure they’ve implemented payment services that will meet the needs of their customers while providing a quick turnaround of payments.

First Financial’s merchant services have the features that not only boost business revenues for national chains, but also provide seamless payment experiences for businesses and their customers.

First Financial National Chain Merchant Account Key Advantages

In a fast-paced digital world where the majority of transactions involve debit or credit cards, payment transactions need to be quick and effortless. A recent study showed that 75 percent of all consumers prefer to pay credit and/or debit cards.

But having payment systems in place isn’t always enough. If the checkout process is slow, inconvenient, or flawed, customers are more likely to rate the shopping experience as poor. In a Chain Age survey, 47.3% of respondents cited prompt service as an important factor in creating a positive shopping experience.

First Financial makes it easier for national chains to keep up with the needs of pressured, on-the-go consumers. Review our unmatched benefits here:


Consistent Merchant Services Support throughout Internet & Industry Changes

Increasing competition is weighing heavy on the minds of national chain CFOs this year.[3]  Razor-thin margins leave little room for error as CFOs closely monitor their bottom line and competitor moves. Technology is becoming a key differentiator in terms of customer experience, forcing chains to commit more and more money to IT in order to stay ahead of the curve. It’s reported that this year, 74 percent of retailers will invest in IT systems technology. [4]
In today’s world, slow technology like the old-school credit card imprinters would bring a national chain to its knees. Payments need to take seconds rather than minutes, and payments need to arrive to merchants in a matter of days.

Merchants now rely on these types of processes to manage large chains:

Online Processing – First Financial was one of the first to merchant service providers to establish secure internet merchant accounts. Our sophisticated understanding and expertise ensures national chain stores accept credit and debit cards little hassle. As internet banking evolves, we make sure your business keeps up with the most efficient online processing systems.

Retail Processing – your retail store may not have the same needs and challenges as a competitor in the next neighborhood. First Financial guides you in choosing the best software and hardware for the variety of products and services you sell. We supply the point of sale systems, credit card and virtual terminals that let you run credit, debit and gift cards whether in the store, at a trade show or curbside.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – Have you noticed how many more sales and service reps run your credit card through their phone or a tablet? First Financial has stayed current with how mobile and wireless processing makes transactions simple and brainless for vendor and customer alike.

Make A+ Rated First Financial Your Partner in Profits

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The outlook for retailers in 2017 is good, according to renowned accounting firm Deloitte and Touche[5]. Consumer spending is predicted to remain solid this year with disposable income continuing to rise. The good news is, customers are going to keep spending – but retail chains need to be ready for the faster-paced type of payment methods customers expect.  Customers want simplicity, speed, and convenience, and the best way to deliver is by choosing a merchant service that will create an exceptional customer service experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Expand and optimize your payment methods for better cash flow. Once your merchant account is approved, you can consider how a perk like mobile processing or additional merchant IDs (MIDs) for additional stores could bring in additional revenue streams.  Apply today!

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