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Merchant Services for Technology Referral Partners

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing for the Tech Industry

First Financial has been an industry leader in the technology and payment processing fields for over 20 years. We’ve helped countless businesses in the technology field improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Our card processing services offer unique solutions to help your business navigate the ever changing world of commerce.


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First Financial Key Advantages for Referral Partners:

Today’s consumer prefers to use either a credit or debit card over cash to purchase goods and services. A consumer payments study found that in 2014, 43 percent of Americans chose debit cards as their most preferred method of payment, with credit cards coming in at second at 35 percent and cash at 9 percent.[i]

Customers now more than ever are more comfortable using credit and debit cards to make purchases both online and in person. Due to the new global economy and rise of e-commerce, businesses must be able to accept multiple currencies as payment to remain competitive. First Financial is a worldwide leader in payment processing, with a team of industry experts and a powerful infrastructure in place to handle payment processing needs.

Exceptional payment processing isn’t the only service we provide to our clients. As our client, you will also have access to:

Our merchant services also extend to your customers, who get:

The tech landscape is constantly changing and the competition always seems to be ramping up. A survey of business owners found that 45% believed that increasing their profits is the biggest challenge they are currently facing in 2017.[ii] What makes it so difficult to increase profits is that new product development and penetrating new markets (two of the most effective and popular ways to increase profits) comes along with high overhead and administrative fees, never mind the time this takes away from you that could be spent focusing on new products and services.

First Financial offers a myriad amount of ways to help you expand your technology business. We have a team of experts that can tailor their expertise to match your business needs. We provide you with a partnership manager that will help you create a marketing campaign backed up by data and analytics. We will monitor your industry and provide you with regular updates on what your competitors are doing. We also offer referral programs and revenue sharing options that can increase your profit margins, along with training programs to help you run your business more efficiently.

Consistent Technology Merchant Services Support through Internet Industry Changes:

Those in the technology space have an advantage: a front row seat on the galloping advances in software, hardware, communication, the Internet of Things and more. They also suffer from too-much-knowledge syndrome because if there’s a virus or a recent hack, they must know how to protect their clients and their own businesses and fast.

The following services operate over the web, using banking-level or 128-bit security, the strongest the U.S. Treasury Department permits.

Online Payment Processing – Customers today want a wide variety of payment options and if your business offers it services worldwide, then you will also have many people paying with different currencies. Our services allow you to accept a wide range of payment types online, from credit, debit, and gift cards to echecks and paypal. Our online payment processing system is flexible, letting you adapt on the fly to changing market conditions or as your business grows. Our services also come with the latest security and fraud protections systems, so both you and your customers are protected.

Contactless & Payment Processing Peripherals – First Financial can supply your business with a point-of-sale terminal or an electronic cash register. We also offer a variety of add-on devices to give your customers many ways to pay. This includes PIN-based, credit, prepaid, contactless and mobile payments.

Bill Payment – First Financial simplifies the myriad of payment options available. Our bill payment services streamline the process, making it easier for you to manage your clients and increase efficiency while reducing costs and making access to your funds quicker and more accessible.

First Financial Prepares your Business to meet Future Challenges:

We have seen over the past few decades that technology has the ability to develop new markets seemingly overnight. The internet has spurred the creation of many new payment types, and your customers will hear about them and want the option to try them all. The biggest generation—Millennials at 92 million—are technology natives, after all

Because of this, it is important that your payment processing system is constantly up to date and user friendly. Joel Macdonald, founder of energyrates.ca, says that “[Companies] that use newer online payment options such as Square, Bitcoin currency, Apple/Google payment options, etc. have a major edge over competitors. When you’re a young company that was built to begin with on a fluid, ever-changing, Web-based economy, it’s easy to adapt. On the other hand, larger companies, even when they are willing to step out of their comfort zones, have to overhaul larger, more-entrenched payment-processing systems that have existed for years or decades.”[iii]

First Financial’s payment processing systems allow your business to be flexible and process the latest payment methods, both online and in store. Our services come with the most up to date security and fraud protection services. Our services make managing the administrative side of your business easier, so you can spend your time creating great new products and services.

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