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Best Merchant Services for Supermarkets & Liquor Stores

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

A U.S. leader in providing merchant services for vendors in high-risk industries since 1998, First Financial helps supermarkets and liquor stores establish the most-cost effective merchant accounts. Grocery and liquor stores must offer customers the convenience of credit card usage, but at interest rates that maintain already thin store margins. Maintain your edge in your niche with merchant services that maximize revenues.


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First Financial Provides Extra Perks with a Supermarket & Liquor Store Merchant Account

Customers shop at supermarkets & liquor stores for convenience and ease, making credit and debit cards acceptance crucial. Today, just 11% of consumers use cash, where 75% use debit and credit cards.

But the benefit of using plastic isn’t all on the customer’s end. Studies have shown that consumers spend from 20 to 100 percent more when using their cards rather than cash.[i] As M.I.T. marketing professor Duncan Simester “You’re not forking over a dollar bill, so there is less sensation of loss.”[ii]

Don’t miss out on this per-sale increase, and get the advantages that a First Financial merchant services account provides. We are unique in offering the following merchant services perks to supermarket & liquor store businesses:

First Financial will see to it that your supermarket and liquor store merchant services account comes with specialized processing that allow you to utilize all forms of payment. We have the most current technology for you, so that your customers can pay quickly and effortlessly.

First Financial Support to the Ever-Changing Supermarket/Liquor Store Industry

These businesses rely on such merchant services to provide the easiest and most expedient payment options to their customers.

The only constant is change, so First Financial will be there to help guide you through the new trends within payment processing. Gone are the days of credit card imprinters with its messy carbon copies, and here to stay are not only debit and credit card transactions, but also online and cell phone transactions. Payment can be processed in mere seconds, with payments arriving in merchant accounts within days.

Take advantage of the most current processing options, including:

Online Processing – First Financial was one of the first merchant service providers to offer secure internet merchant accounts. Thanks to our expertise in staying on top of the latest internet banking methods, your supermarket & liquor stores can accept credit and debit cards without any issues.

Retail Processing – The unique demands of running a supermarket and liquor store operation require the most fitting software and hardware for your business volume and breadth of products sold. At First Financial, we’ll supply the point of sale systems, credit card and virtual terminals to run credit cards from the register, and we’ll guide you to select the best processing choices for your particular business needs.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – With mobile and wireless processing taking over everyday business transactions, you’ll be glad to know that First Financial works hard to stay on the cutting edge the technology involved in these services. We even offer 24/7 support as well as continuous hardware/software updates so your supermarket or liquor store can give your savvy customers the easy payments they demand.

A+ Rated First Financial Knows Markets Are Strong Business Partners

Trends Positive for Supermarket and Liquor Stores

If you own your own supermarket or liquor store business, the future looks good. Many supermarket/liquor store customers remain wary of ordering food and beverages online. For this reason and more, these businesses may never lose the huge portions of their audiences to the internet as clothing, furniture and other retailers have.

Industry tracker IbibsWorld.com reported that the supermarket industry has definitely grown over the last five years, thanks to the healthy economy.[iii] In its 2016 U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends report, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) notes that 44% of shoppers drive out of their way to get to a particular supermarket that offers a “better variety and selection” of groceries.[iv] The same study mentioned that, while “digital tools” for online transaction will be utilized in the future of grocery shopping, consumers will still depend heavily on bricks-and-mortar locations .

As for the liquor store industry, the future trend appears to show that the public interest in specialty liquors and at-home alcohol entertaining is on the rise. According to an article in 2016 in the Business Insider, “home-entertainment” is on the rise. People gathering to drink spirits and be merry in their own homes is taking over bar gatherings. The same article mentioned that today’s alcohol consumer is more interested in researching and purchasing authentic, quality brands of liquor rather than a generic label brand.[v] This is excellent news for those mom and pop liquor store retailers that specialize in premium brands big box retailers don’t carry.

To really keep your supermarket & grocery store businesses at full optimization, open a merchant account with First Financial. Once your merchant account is approved, you can take advantage of our mobile processing, our 24/7 assistance, our secure hardware/software updates, and so much more.

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