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Best Merchant Account Services for Retail Businesses

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

First Financial has been a merchant account services leader in the U.S. for both high-risk and low-risk industries since 1996. We’ve helped hundreds of retail businesses accept credit and debit cards so that their customers can pay with ease and security. Apply now with an A+ rated service to get the best rates and service for retail vendors!


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First Financial’s Merchant Account Heaps on Benefits for Retail Vendors

The average retail consumer almost always shops without a lot of cash, preferring credit and debit cards for ease of payment. In fact, today only 11 percent of consumers with cash, with a whopping 40 percent of all consumers prefer paying with credit cards, and 35 percent prefer paying with debit cards.[i]

Beyond easing payments for consumers, credit cards do a stand up job for retailers as well. Consumers spend an average of 20 percent more when using credit or debit instead of cash. Where some spend 5 percent other double their average cash purchase when using credit cards. Just the sight of credit card logos prompt consumers to spend more.[ii] Marketers call credit card use “friction-free spending.” Nearly every retailer, online and offline, must accept credit cards. The key is getting all the benefits at the lowest costs.

In addition to proven increased sales, a First Financial merchant account comes with:

In an atmosphere of high customer expectations, retailers must stay competitive. Today’s customers have already done their own research before shopping, and know the fair market value for all your products. First Financial retail-specific processing methods are specially-designed so that retail customers can pay easily, quickly, and hassle-free.

Retailers Need Excellent Merchant Services Now More than Ever

Mobile shopping and smartphone payments gain in popularity every year. If your retail business isn’t up-to-date with using the latest credit and debit card processing tools available, then you are at a disadvantage. Luckily First Financial has the innovations necessary to take your retail operation to the next level. Some of our latest technological options include:

Online Processing – First Financial has been on the cutting edge of establishing secure internet merchant accounts since 1996. We take pride in knowing the best way to cater to the retail customer when they need trouble-free credit and debit card transactions. Our expertise in online processing will keep your banking issues running efficiently.

Retail Processing – First Financial will ensure that the software and hardware needs of your retail business are well provided for. We will even guide you in selecting the best systems to use based on your retail volume and the products you sell. We even provide you with point of sale systems, credit card and virtual terminals allowing you to run credit cards from your register, or while roaming the retail floor.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – We are up-to-date on the latest technology of processing wireless mobile transactions, so your customer service for your retail operation is at its optimal level during those crunch times, such as during the Christmas holidays. You and your customers will benefit from such quick transactions that utilize mobile and wireless processing effectively.

Today’s Retailers Must Stay Competitive, and First Financial is Leading the Way

The Kiplinger economic forecast puts the rise in retail sales at 4.1% for 2017, about even with 2016’s increase of 3.8 percent. Sales were especially favorable for e-businesses, the sales of which rose at an annual rate of 10% for the third year in a row. In addition, specialty retail stores and electronics sales were especially robust. [iii]  Consumer confidence has been steadily increasing for the past 18 months and picking up steam in particular this year.[iv]

According to Vend’s 2017 Retail Trends and Predictions report, customers today want retailers to be transparent, to personalize their service, to provide a unique in store experience, and to provide excellent mobile payment technology. One of the most notable facts in their findings was that customers also are starting to prefer smaller stores rather than the “big box” stores.[v] This is, of course, excellent news for the average mom-and-pop start-up retailer, who simply needs the merchant account services that First Financial is pleased to provide!

So if you want to maximize your retail store’s presence, don’t overlook First Financial retail-specific merchant service account. Once your merchant account is approved, you can take advantage of the other plusses we offer, such as 24/7 customer service and especially our easy mobile payment app.

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