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Best Merchant Account Services for Restaurants & Fast Food

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

Best Merchant Services for Restaurants and Fast Food

U.S.-based First Financial has served businesses in high-risk industries with integrity since 1996. We’ve helped thousands of restaurants and fast food operations accept credit and debit cards so their customers can pay conveniently and securely. At First Financial, no matter how many taste trends ebb and flow within your industry, our merchant services stabilize your business and profit.


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First Financial Merchant Accounts Come with the Top Advantages

Because 75 percent of consumers prefer paying with credit cards, all restaurants and fast food businesses must accept as many plastic options as possible.

Convenience for the customer isn’t the only reason those in the food industry accept credit cards. Research has shown that those paying with credit or debit cards spend 20 to 100 percent more than they would if they just used cash. Social scientists explain that even the sight of credit card logos prompt consumers to spend more.[1] Marketers call credit card use “friction-free spending.”

Additional benefits a First Financial merchant services account will provide restaurants include:

The renewed emphasis on health for the average restaurant/fast food customer has made calorie counts a major issue in this fickle industry. Still, the food service industry as a whole is showing no signs of slowing down. According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2017, restaurant industry sales are slated to reach $799 billion.[2] IBISWorld published its findings that the fast food industry experienced an annual growth from 2012-2017 of 2.3%, and increased international expansion of U.S. based fast food chains will continue to drive the industry’s economy.[3]

With proven increased numbers such as these, First Financial is glad to encourage further growth by offering excellent merchant service accounts.

First Financial Allows You to Use the Very Latest Merchant Services Technology

The globalization of the handheld device and computer technology has allowed the processing of credit and debit cards easier than ever. Your restaurant and fast food business will benefit with the ease of payment that is processed within seconds. The money will arrive in merchant accounts within days.

Our First Financial merchant services include:

Online Processing First Financial is proud to provide secure internet merchant accounts, and your restaurant/fast food establishment will benefit from our efficient system. Your online customer base, should you choose to offer debit/credit transactions in this manner, will grow exponentially. So feel free to offer up special orders for your online consumers, whether it’s advance orders, or a special seasonal online-only order, such as a limited-time pie. It’s easy and secure.

Retail Processing the brick and mortar experience of dining out, whether at a fancy restaurant or a fast food operation, is a real treat for a customer, and your business needs to provide the very best service for this. We will guide you towards the very best suited software and hardware for your particular operation, and we’ll even supply you with point of sale systems, and credit card and virtual terminals to run credit cards from your own food establishment’s register.

Mobile & Wireless Processing Nowadays, transactions can be completed on a cell phone, complete with a receipt for the customer. Offer your own fast food and restaurant customers this perk, especially if you provide your food at an outdoor function (school fair, private party, etc.). We even offer 24/7 support with regular software and hardware updates to keep your systems running smoothly at all times.

The Restaurant Industry is Trending Positive! First Financial Helps You Flourish

Apply for your Restaurant and Fast Food Merchant Services Account Today

The future of the restaurant and fast food industry is definitely exciting. Rather than being left behind, it will springboard from tech advances to increased sales. The biggest trend is capitalizing on cell-phone and/or website-driven food orders. These options leverage electronic, customer-preference ordering. Also, restaurant apps that record “points” and offer perks are a proven method to earn restaurant customers’ loyalty.

Andrew Feinberg, the US Restaurant & Food Service Consulting Leader with Deloitte Consulting, also praises the ‘build your own’ option in eateries, where customers can text in their customized orders that the cook will prepare on-demand.[4] With meals ready as the customer arrives, restaurants can then sell them alcohol and other typically higher-margin drinks.

When you open a merchant account with First Financial, you’ll be optimizing your payments for better cash flow, and take advantage of such perks as our easy mobile payment apps, and multiple merchant IDS to expand your businesses. Take your restaurant or fast food establishment to the next level by applying today!

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