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Best Merchant Account Services for Petroleum and Gas Stations

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

First Financial has become a leading U.S. provider of merchant services by serving both high-risk and low-risk industries with integrity since 1996. We’ve helped thousands of petroleum and gas stations accept credit and debit cards so their customers can pay conveniently and securely. The volatility in oil markets over the past few years has made maintaining a successful, profitable gas station a struggle. First Financial’s merchant account services have the features that stabilize and boost business revenues.

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First Financial Petroleum and Gas Station Merchant Account Key Advantages

Today’s gasoline consumer depends on their regular stations to get them on their way quickly. Credit and debit cards accelerate the fill up. The most recent preferred payment study finds that 40 percent of all consumers prefer to pay with credit cards and 35 percent prefer using debit cards. Just 11% use cash.[i]

Plastic makes transactions not only quick for consumers, but more profitable for the station. Many studies have found that consumers spend up to 20% more when using credit or debit than cash. Credit cards just do not have the same “friction” that arises when handing over dollar bills.[ii] For petroleum and gas station owners, this could mean more food and beverage sales, extra car washes and more. After all, all charges go easily on the card.

Higher profits and happier customers aren’t the only benefits First Financial loads into your merchant services account. You’ll also enjoy:

With margins extremely thin at petroleum and gas stations, owners have to depend on volume and constant cost oversight. Too often, owners stick with the merchant account the previous owner used. In the case of franchisees, corporate supervisors may select merchant services that fail to maximize the individual store’s profits. Pennies per transaction add up, and per-transaction mark-up creep cuts into profits.

Petroleum retailers must offer specialized processing both at the pumps outside and inside at the cash register. First Financial ensures you can accept debit and credit cards, including Fleet cards such as Fuelman, Wright Express, Voyager and FleetOne for heavy users. Our processing solutions have been designed so that customers can pay quickly and be on their way.

Consistent Merchant Services Support through Internet & Industry Changes

Believe it or not, there are still a few of the physical credit card pressers (or imprinters) out there. If you’re under 30, these are low-cost contraptions where you put the card on a metal plate, top it with 3-ply slips and then run a heavy wheel over it so that the raised information imprints onto the triplicated papers on top. Paper companies still make the slips with carbon embedded.

Most merchants today threw their imprinters out with their leather-bound paper ledgers. Today, payment is taken in seconds and processed either through a dedicated network or online. Payments arrive in merchant accounts within days.

Get the most current options, including:

Online Processing – First Financial was one of the first to merchant service providers to establish secure internet merchant accounts. Our sophisticated understanding and expertise ensures petroleum and gas stations accept credit and debit cards little hassle. As internet banking evolves, we make sure your business keeps up with the most efficient online processing systems.

Retail Processing – your retail gas station may not have the same needs and challenges as your competitor two streets over. First Financial guides you in choosing the best software and hardware fit for your business volume and the variety of products and services you sell. We supply the point of sale systems, credit card and virtual terminals so you can run credit cards from behind the register, at the pumps or while on the shop floor or beside the pumps. Get retail processing tailored to gas stations, and the learning curve flattens significantly!

Mobile & Wireless Processing – wireless headphones aren’t the only devices that send signals through the air. Perhaps you’ve seen the stewardess on your recent flight take payment for your drink order on a hand-held device. She swiped the card and even printed out a receipt. First Financial has stayed current with how mobile and wireless processing can the fueling experience faster for better customer satisfaction.

First Financial’s dedication to 24/7 support and regular software and hardware updates puts the hard work in our hands so your system remains hassle-free for years to come.     

Gas Stations Can Do More than Survive. First Financial Helps Them Thrive!

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John England, Vice Chairman, US Energy & Resources leader for Deloitte LLP admits that the past five years for station owners and the petroleum industry have been a challenge. Still, he thinks the recovering economy will float the petroleum boat as well.  “While I called 2016 the “year of tough decisions,” England explains, “I’d characterize 2017 as “the slow road back.” He sees a positive future for the industry overall.[iii]

Expand and optimize your payment methods for better cash flow. Once your merchant account is approved, you can consider how a perk like mobile processing or additional merchant IDs (MIDs) for additional stores could bring in additional revenue streams.

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