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Merchant Account Services for Associations

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing

First Financial has become a leading U.S. provider of merchant services by serving both high-risk and low-risk industries with integrity since 1996. Our merchant account services for associations has helped thousands of organizations across the U.S. provide easy member dues and other payments using the latest technology and trends. Apply today and provide your members with easy registration and renewal!


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First Financial’s Credit Card Processing Perks for All Types of Associations
Over 92,000 trade and professional associations represent millions of members across the United States.[1] Business owners rely on associations keep them apprised of industry trends, legislation, and issues that could potentially affect them. In fact, approximately 85 percent of all business failures occur in firms that are not members of their trade association. [2] There’s a statistic to share with your members!

Americans made 33.8 billion credit card transactions in 2015 (up 3.1 billion from 2012), worth $3.16 trillion (up $0.61 trillion since 2012). (Federal Reserve)[3]. Yet some associations still avoid offering credit card payment options for fear of high fees and additional hassles. Members with a variety of payment options in addition to the support the association stay longer and pay more in dues.

Higher profits and happier customers aren’t the only benefits First Financial loads into your merchant services account. Your admin team will also enjoy:

One of the biggest challenges facing associations today is the rise of social media as a free alternative to association membership. Social media sites like Facebook provide free access to large networks of business owners that was once only available with an association membership. As a result, many associations are looking for ways to provide members with valuable benefits that they won’t be able to garner from social media.

Association leaders need to stay ahead of the curve to provide members with the latest competitive intelligence and strategic businesses advice that they won’t find from an internet search alone. Today, it’s about providing added value to help members thrive in a rapidly changing business culture.

Associations can leverage partnerships with businesses like First Financial to educate members about key businesses practices that will help them streamline their business and increase revenue.

Consistent Merchant Services throughout Internet & Industry Changes

Today’s customers expect options and efficiency. Payments need to take seconds rather than minutes and merchants expect a turnaround of payments in just days.
With First Financial, businesses have the most current options at their fingertips, including:

Online Processing – First Financial was one of the first to merchant service providers to establish secure internet merchant accounts. Payments are secure and speedy, with none of the hassles that prevented them from taking the leap into credit card payment options in the first place. As internet banking evolves, we make sure your business keeps up with the most efficient online processing systems.

Retail Processing – First Financial guides association partners in choosing the best software and hardware fit for businesses based on their volume and products. We supply the point of sale systems, credit card and virtual terminals so your association can run credit cards at trade shows and other community events.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – wireless headphones aren’t the only devices that send signals through the air. First Financial has stayed current with how mobile and wireless processing can make payment processes faster and more convenient for better customer satisfaction.

First Financial’s dedication to 24/7 support and regular software and hardware updates puts the hard work in our hands so your system remains hassle-free for years to come.     

Help Your Association Thrive

Apply for Your Merchant Account Services for Associations today

While the future of trade and professional associations may look different in the coming years, the outlook remains bright. The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE) explains that future associations are likely to be more innovative and collaborative. According to the article, The Visions for the Future of Associations, in 2030, associations will be engines of knowledge and learning, problem solving and innovation, social change and wealth creation.

Chart a clear path to long-term stability today by expanding and optimizing your payment methods for better cash flow. Once your merchant account is approved, you can consider how a perk like mobile processing or additional merchant IDs (MIDs) for additional stores could bring in additional revenue streams.  Apply today!

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