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Merchant Services for the Website Development Industry

Merchant Services for the Website Development Industry

A+ Rated First Financial Specializes in Web Design, Development & SEO Companies

Unlike most traditional banks and now some online ones, First Financial loves to help set web design, development and SEO companies up with merchant accounts, despite their high-risk categorization. As a leading U.S. provider of merchant services, we know a booming industry when we see one. We want to be involved with the success of your Internet marketing business. Click this button to get your merchant services account approval today!

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Tap Into the Benefits of Credit Card Processing

The most recent studies show that consumers use credit and debit cards (and increasingly prepaid cards[1] ) to make purchases 78%[2] of the time. This habit prompts headlines like, “How the Decline of Cash Makes America a Safer Country”[3], “Cash is Fading, Checks are Dying . . . “[4]  and many more.

Most business owners understand that accepting credit cards

  • boosts initial sales
  • facilitates repeat and monthly subscription sales
  • establishes credibility
  • engenders trust in the consumer
  • and facilitates transactions for both the business and the customer

As a web design and development and/or search engine optimization company, you understand that the businesses and consulting firms you’re helping to start-up depend on credit cards. The United States Small Business Administration tells us that credit cards are one of the most common ways small businesses get a foothold in their market.[5] Your prospects will respond with relief and gratitude when you share that you accept credit card payments.

First Financial web design, development and SEO merchant accounts provide:

  • Easy application and fast approval so you can start accepting credit card payments within days.
  • Competitive fees and rates that allow high-risk businesses keep more of their profits.
  • An easy mobile payment app that helps you take payments at client locations, coffee shops and conferences.
  • Continual hardware and software upgrades. We keep you up to date by sending regular notices and even helping you make the upgrades.
  • 24/7 support that ensures you spend your time bringing in business rather that handling software and hardware issues;
  • Handling of all business forms, including mobile, ecommerce, retail, and MOTO accounts.
  • All payment types including ACH, echecks, or Demand Draft for check payment.
  • Multiple merchant IDS (MIDs) so you can start as many side businesses as you dream of!

Rejected for Merchant Account Services? Internet Marketing Set to Surge!

We Encourage New High Risk Merchant Accounts to Apply Today

We get plenty of calls from those in the web industry saying they’ve been rejected or terminated due to the fact that their industry is “new.” Web design, development and search engine optimization is considered a new industry, just as . . . oh say . . . the automobile industry or the personal computer industry was once considered high risk because of their unproven status. Traditional banks should have their heads examined. First Financial knows the web design, development and SEO industry is here to stay. 

The Internet marketing space is booming with no indication that demand will ever wane. The huge Millennial population is digitally addicted, most sleeping with their smartphones next to their beds and preferring to give up their cars before their Internet connections.[6] This population of 92 million will demand ever-increasing services via their tablets, desktops and smartphones, meaning endless work for web designers and developers.  

Another trend boding well for those in the web design, development and SEO space is the “gig economy.” According to The Freelancer’s Union, currently, one in three Americans is an “independent worker.”[7] Robust research from Intuit also indicates that by 2020, 40 percent of Americans will work as freelance consultants.[8] Many societal trends, including the Affordable Health Care Act and the desire for better work-life balance rather than huge homes and conspicuous consumption fuel this move. But the best news for Internet marketing professionals is that every one of these freelancers will need websites.

Apply for Web Design, Development and SEO Merchant Account Today!

Being successful in your web design, development and/or search engine optimization company takes more that great creative and coding skills. Start bringing in cash as fast as possible when you set up your merchant account. You can complete our easy application from anywhere. We’ll make sure to get back to you within 48 hours. Getting required documents entails simple scanning and emailing. Feel free to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay abreast of the financial aspects of running a small business.

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