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Merchant Account for Consultants

Merchant Account for Consultants

Comprehensive Credit and Debit Card Processing for Consultants

Since 1996, First Financial has been a U.S. leader in merchant account services for both the high risk and low risk industries. This includes the consultant industry, which is in high demand because of the ever-changing business models that are now utilizing fewer full-time workers. In order for today’s consultants to remain competitive, providing easy, convenient credit and debit card processing for their clients is imperative. First Financial is on board to help consultants maximize their earnings with our excellent merchant account services.

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First Financial Key Advantages in a Merchant Account for Consultants

Consultants offer cost-cutting, streamlined efficiency for customers, so why shouldn’t they expect the same level of care from their merchant services? First Financial will make it easy for your clients to pay with credit, which will give your services a major edge. In fact, overall, 40% of consumers use credit cards, and 35% use debit cards, versus merely 11% who pay with cash. Merchant services will also increase the likelihood that your customers will pay for even more of your consulting know-how, because consumers have been proven to spend up to 20% more when using plastic over cash. It’s easy for business and customer alike to depend on monthly credit card payments.

With a First Financial merchant services account, you’ll also receive:

  • Easy mobile payment app. Process payments quickly and easily from your smart phone with our simple-to-use app.
  • Multiple merchant IDS (MIDs). Open up the audience for your consulting firm by forming as many different business title names as you’d like.
  • Simple application and quick approval. Your consulting firm will be able to start accepting payments without any lengthy delays.
  • Use of all business forms. Your clients can use mobile, ecommerce, and even MOTO accounts.
  • Low per-transaction costs. Keep more of your earnings in your own pocket with our competitively low per-transaction fee.
  • 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions or concerns with your merchant service account, contact us anytime night or day, and we will resolve the issue immediately.
  • Competitive fees and rates. We have extremely low costs, so you can truly reap the rewards of your consulting fees.
  • Plug-and-play software and hardware. We provide simple, step-by-step visual instructions to successfully set up your merchant services processing.
  • All payment options accepted. We accept every kind of payment, whether it’s Demand Draft for check payment, ACH, or even echecks.
  • PCI Standard Compliant. Keep your consulting accounts safe with our 12 key security features, such as firewalls, unique IDs, tracking and monitoring.
  • Continual hardware and software upgrades Keep your consulting business running smoothly and glitch-free with regular processing system updates.
  • Banking-level security. Your accounts are protected, because we use the strongest encryption that the U.S. Treasury Department allows.

As a consultant, your clients depend on you to be the authority on how to best implement cost-effective strategies. What better way to exemplify this than with an easy, efficient means of accepting and processing payments?

A First Financial merchant services account comes with our specialized processing, allowing you to accept all forms of payment. Whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, or even payments via a smart phone, your customers will be able to render payment for your services in a convenient, efficient manner.

First Financial Provides Sophisticated Digital Age Merchant Accounts for Consultants

Consultants can prove that they use the most cost-efficient, savvy means of payment processing. More consumers rely on cell phone or online payment transactions. First Financial will ensure that your payments can be processed in a manner of a few seconds, and that the payments will arrive in your merchant account in just a few days.

First Financial proudly offers the most current processing options, such as:

Online Processing – As one of the first merchant service providers to offer secure internet merchant accounts, First Financial remains on the forefront with utilizing the most current internet banking methods. Your consulting business will benefit, because it can accept credit and debit cards without any glitches.

Retail Processing – If your consulting firm operates out of an office or storefront setting, you’ll need a unique set of software and hardware for your fluctuating business volume. First Financial will gladly provide point of sale systems, and credit card and virtual terminals, if necessary. We’ll even help you to select the best processing choices for your consulting business needs.

Mobile & Wireless Processing – Your clients will be pleased to make payments to your consulting business via mobile and wireless processing. Take advantage of First Financial’s 24/7 support, and our team will even provide you with regular hardware/software updates. Our grasp on the latest payment processes are sure to make your customers willing and eager to continue doing business with you as their trusted consultant.

Consultants Have a Robust Future Ahead

The work environment has undergone so much rapid change lately, consultants are more in demand than ever before. The proliferation of telecommuters, contract workers, and even the rising worry of high minimum wage costs mean that more businesses will depend on consultants rather than full-time hires.

According to Plunkett Research, Ltd., global consulting revenues in 2016 were $470 billion in 2016, up from $415 billion in 2013. CNN Money stated in 2016 that five different consulting specialties (healthcare, marketing, implantation, IT and security) are among its list of the top 100 best jobs for fast growth, and it added that consultants have “good personal satisfaction” as well as “job flexibility.”

Even had an industry trend article that stated, “How organizations identify, hire, retain, and work with these highly skilled consultants – and integrate them into their projects and programs – will increasingly become a core strength of the organization.”

In discussing the future of the consultant industry, Ismail Amla, a Managing Partner with IBM Global Business Services, explains that consulting services must include more than just streamlining bottom-line business advice. Now consultants are expected to provide “an instantaneous, endless transfer of data” that must be a “personalized” experience. She goes on to mention that in order to succeed, consultants “need to embrace change … to our business models, and to how we’ll employ technology to deliver results.”

First Financial also embraces all the changes that take place with regards to making credit card and debit card processing easier and quicker than ever. If you are a consultant in need of a merchant service account, open one with First Financial. Once your account is approved, you can reap the rewards that we offer, such as 24/7 customer service, a simple application process with quick approval, and banking-level security. Apply today!

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