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Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts

Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts

Help Cannabis Customers Pay, Hassle-Free

Here at First Financial, we are proud to be the leading U.S. provider of high-risk merchant services, and we have had a long history of supporting the medical marijuana industry. Even though this unique niche market is slowly gaining more national mainstream acceptance, most banks are, unfortunately, still apprehensive to do business with medical marijuana suppliers. But at First Financial we understand that there is nowhere for this industry to go but up, and we are glad to help medical marijuana providers flourish by allowing them to accept credit and debit cards. Click this button to get your merchant services account approval today!

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High Risk Merchant Account Amenities

It has been a long, difficult path for those in the medical marijuana field to gain respect as legitimate business owners, and that is why First Financial will not hesitate to remove all of the usual roadblocks. We want to help this successful industry gain the proper recognition it deserves.

Therefore, when you apply with First Financial, you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 support – Any time, night or day, if you have a question or concern, we’re here to help you and walk you through it, every step of the way.
  • Banking-level security – We use only the strongest, most secure encryption offered by the U.S. Treasury Department, so your transactions are truly protected.
  • Easy application and fast approval – Your medical marijuana can accept credit, debit, pre-paid payments and even gift card payments within days.
  • An easy mobile payment app – You can sell your product anywhere, easily: at conventions, coffee shops and even directly in clients’ homes.
  • Acceptance of ALL payment types – Your customers can pay via ACH, echecks, or even Demand Draft for check payment.
  • Use of all business forms – Your growing industry will appreciate such options as ecommerce, mobile, retail, and MOTO accounts.
  • Competitive fees and rates – Your business shouldn’t suffer from high costs associated with merchant services, so we keep our costs at a minimum.
  • Multiple merchant IDS (MIDs) – Should you want to branch off into some side businesses or market your medical marijuana using multiple business names, you can!
  • Plug-and-play software and hardware – Our easy instructions include 24/7 customer back-up assistance.
  • Continual hardware and software upgrades – Our technology will constantly keep up with technological advancements, along with your business’ growth.
  • technology with our help, of course.

Credit Card Processing for Revolutionary Businesses

Even though in 2017 medical marijuana is legal in 28 states, as well as Washington, D.C., it is still considered too new and unproven for most banks to consider providing merchant services. We at First Financial think this approach is short-sighted. The industry is obviously on an upward turn, and we want to help legitimize the medical marijuana business by providing all the support services we can.

Research has shown that medical marijuana is enjoying a surge of popularity. According to the most recent Gallup poll, for example, a whopping 60% of Americans are supportive of legalized marijuana.[1]

In addition, 2017 has already seen has 2,966 medical dispensaries and 3,973 retailers open in the U.S.[2]

One of the main reasons many banks refuse to provide merchant services to medical marijuana businesses is because it is still not legal under federal law. According to the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis is labeled a Schedule 1 drug, or, as a drug that the federal government deems highly addictive and without medical value. Federal law prevents doctors from prescribing medical marijuana, and doctors can only recommend it.[3]

First Financial has always been supportive of the underdog industries, and we aim to help them flourish to their full potential. The medical marijuana dispensaries and retail outlets are no exception. We want these businesses to reach their full potential by being able to utilize credit cards and debit cards for transactions, and we at First Financial are committed to making that next step that an easy process for you. So what are you waiting for?

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[1] Huddleston, Tom. “The Opportunities and pitfalls for the marijuana industry.” November 10, 2016.

[2] Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide: 2017.

[3]Federal Marijuana Law.” Americans for Safe Access.


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