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All businesses must accept credit and debit cards, whether are in the high-risk category or not. A+ rated First Financial is proud to provide secure, convenient credit card processing at reasonable rates to a wide range of merchants in high-risk industries. Talk with us today about establishing a high-risk merchant services account for your business. We approve terminated merchants, international businesses, select industries and more.


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Our guaranteed 24-hour response and 48-hour approval time gets you capturing every sale. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating should set your mind at ease about our proven security and reliability.

No doubt about it: customers now expect the convenience of using credit and debit cards to purchase products and services. A recent study from the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve reveals that 33 percent of shoppers prefer to pay with credit cards and 44 percent with  debit cards. That’s 77 percent of all consumers. Today, just 12% of consumers pay with that old stand-by, cash.

Categorization as “high risk” has little to do with how you run your business. It’s about your industry, the behavior of the customers in your industry and several other practical considerations based on trends that have nothing to do with your business. While merchants in high risk industries do pay more in fees, we even provide the tips to keep your fees as low as possible.

First Financial keeps you accepting credit cards whether you’ve been terminated through another service, began selling to international markets or started in an industry where consumers are not fully honest about their address, have a history of default or frequently return items. Despite some minor challenges, these businesses have long and healthy lives. Yours can be one of them!


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With our low-cost guarantee merchant accounts, you get the lowest overall costs now and in the future. More, with no long-term contracts, you retain control over your account. Call us today or submit a request. We use your information to create a custom solution based on your business needs and opportunities.


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Reviewed at Business News Daily, Top Ten Reviews and more, First Financial’s processor ranks as one of the top two credit card processing options. Merchants rave about:


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The days of expensive, clunky credit card processing equipment are over, even for high risk merchant accounts.

Advances in software engineering, smart phones and the miniaturization of so many devices have spread to the credit card industry as well. In most cases, the point of sale equipment arrives in a small box and is simply “plug-n-play.” If you struggle with the directions included, our customer service representatives lead you step by step through set up and your first few sales.


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Our easy application requires just a few lines of information. Click here to get started. One of our representatives will call you within 24 hours to finish the process. We are here to help you maximize your profit over the life of your business!



We answer many more questions on our: Merchant services FAQ page

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