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Every day, First Financial provides travel agencies with the merchant accounts that keep payments coming in securely. As a leading U.S. financial services provider, First Financial specializes in the businesses big banks and some online services consider “high-risk.” Even terminated and rejected travel agencies get processing again after signing on with us. Our carefully tailored programs provide everything high-risk applicants need at the best rates available. Click this button to get your merchant services account approval today!

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Merchant Accounts for Travel Agency Payment Processing

First Financial is determined to provide all the advantages that low-risk businesses take for granted in their merchant accounts. Travel agency owners work just as hard and provide just as many great products as tailors, dry cleaners and salons, after all.

When you apply for a merchant account with First Financial, you’ll experience:

Travel Agencies Are Here to Stay and Credit Card Processing is Making it Easier

First Financial Wants to Join and Drive Your Success

If online travel platforms like Travelocity and Orbitz didn’t put travel agencies out of business, high-risk categorization certainly isn’t going to.

Today, there are still over 11,000 travel agencies in the United States. Guy Langford, vice chairman American accounting giant Deloitte LLP, paints travel’s rosy future.[i]  In the company’s exhaustive travel and hospitality outlook, he states, “Fresh off the back of a robust and dynamic 2015, many travel and hospitality (T&H) companies are heading into 2016 with strong momentum for continued success.”

He also explains that the Great Recession curbed many American families’ travel plans . . . for years. That means significant “pent-up demand” consumers will be looking to unleash upon the market in the coming years. With the economy recovering, we’re re-discovering our love of the weekend getaway, the cruise and even the ten-day tour. We’re even saving up enough to afford them!

With both domestic and international travel set to surge, you bet First Financial strives to partner with travel agencies, all of whom must accept credit cards. Through our own exhaustive research, we’ve vetted the domestic and international banks that understand how travel agencies work. They aren’t frightened off by high chargebacks or by international consumers and vendors. They’ve been working in this niche for decades and have whittled their fees and boosted their features to bring you the best packages for your travel agency’s merchant account.

Secure, Convenient Merchant Accounts for Terminated and Rejected Travel Companies

First Financial often gets calls from travel agencies shocked that they were terminated because they expanded their business. Doesn’t everybody benefit with increased revenues? We quickly discover that merchant picked up new clients and opportunities . . . overseas. Just an overseas address can flag an account for termination. Before you know it, you can’t process the payments people are begging you to take.

What are your options?

While a clothes shop or attorney can get away with demanding checks or wire transfers, nearly all travel arrangements are secured with credit cards.

Specifically, recent research reveals that 62% of Americans use credit to pay for travel arrangements and expenses.[ii] Credit cards also prompt customers to:

The bottom line: every travel agency must have a merchant account. Those who are terminated and rejected trust First Financial to get them back in business quickly.

Why Do Travel Agencies Get Terminated and Rejected?

New travel entrepreneurs can be thrown by a merchant account termination or rejection. The correctly recognize that failing to accept credit cards can torpedo their entire business. They make the mistake of regarding these actions as a reflection on their businesses, even themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Travel agency merchant accounts can be tough to get strictly due to laziness on the bank’s part and the typically fickle nature of travel.

Most travelers make plans far in advance, leaving lots of time to re-think one aspect and another. With all this time to ruminate, travelers tend to cancel their purchases at a far higher rate than in most other industries. When’s the last time you cancelled picking up your clothes from the dry cleaner or your darling dog from the veterinarian?

To maintain their reputations and client base, travel agencies then cancel with the hotels, cruise ships, etc., creating “chargebacks.”

Beyond the higher rate of chargebacks, travel agencies also must deal with international clients AND vendors. Sending and receiving payments without certain American protections (the Federal Trade Commission and more) makes many bankers too nervous to provide and process funds.

Chargebacks and international transactions: both the best and worst parts of being a travel agent. Centered and rational travel agents simply recognize that high-risk categorization is just “the price of doing business.” It’s an expense that must be recouped in fees. First Financial helps you make sense of and thrive with merchant accounts tailored to your specific needs.

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[i] “2016 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook.”  www2.deloitte.com

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