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Merchant Accounts For Credit Repair Companies

Merchant Accounts For Credit Repair Companies

Credit Repair

High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Credit Repair Businesses

Leading merchant account services provider First Financial enables start-up, terminated and rejected credit repair businesses to survive and thrive by accepting credit and debit cards. With the economy improving, more and more Americans seek the credit repair services that improve their finances long-term. Click this button to get your merchant services account approval today!

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The Right Merchant Account Features for Your High-Risk Business

First Financial is determined to deliver the most powerful features to businesses in high-risk categories. The division between high-risk and low-risk industries is often arbitrary and unfair. Our high-risk merchant accounts provide all the safety, support and service low risk accounts do.

Rest assured that your credit repair business will get:

  • An easy application process and fast eligibility notification.
  • The most competitive rates and fees in the industry.
  • The strongest security available to protect your and clients’ information.
  • An easy mobile payment app.
  • Plug-and-play hardware and software.
  • Regular hardware and software upgrades.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Usage of mobile, ecommerce, retail, and MOTO forms.
  • Acceptance of all payment types including ACH, echecks, or Demand Draft for check payment.
  • Multiple merchant IDS (MIDs).

Automatic credit card payments guarantee the reliable revenue stream to keep you in business long-term.

Credit Card Processing for Terminated and Rejected Credit Repair Agencies

Entrepreneurs looking to start credit repair agencies find their initial rejections from banks unsettling. While it’s true that credit repair scams do exist at higher proportions in credit repair than other service businesses, First Financial knows most enter the space only to help those who don’t have the time or confidence to go through repairing their credit themselves.

Financial advisors recommend individuals handle credit repair steps on their own, but many do not have the education, time or confidence to do so. This process can take three to five hours each month. For families with two working adults and children, that time is hard to come by. People can also do their taxes and car repair themselves. Most choose to let professionals handle these tasks to get them done correctly the first time.

The bottom line is that those in high-risk industries will face a few more hurdles, with a little extra effort, they can start accepting credit and debit cards within the week.

First Financial is confident about its credit repair merchant account applicants for two reasons. First, we have developed a robust process to separate those who intend to provide helpful services and those just looking to take people’s money and run.

First Financial has created solid relationships with both domestic and international banks who have tailored their merchant accounts to fit the needs of businesses in high-risk categories.

Secondly, First Financial knows that, over the past eight years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has rid the market of the worst scammers. Fraudulent credit repair agencies rose in accordance to the demand seven years ago when the economy was struggling and unemployment hit 10%. The Federal Trade Commission cracked down on these, closing scores and sending a message to any other unethical types looking to make money from desperate people.[1] Because of these actions, today, those looking to scam innocent victims steer away from the credit repair industry.

First Financial approves scores of legitimate applicants every day. We are happy to partner in your success.

Apply for Your Merchant Account Today!

Start helping Americans struggling to escape the trap of poor credit. Once their scores rise, they get better prices and deals on everything from apartments to cars to insurance. Once you apply, we’ll inform you of eligibility within 48 hours. Completing the process requires scanning and uploading a few documents. When you apply online with First Financial, there’s no driving across town or having a long discussion with a banker. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to understand the best ways to make the most of your merchant account!

[1] “Better Business Bureau Reports on Credit Repair Scams.”    15 January 2016

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