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Increase Store Revenues with Convenient Gift Cards

Business owners must constantly scramble for new way to increase sales. Many have found a reliable revenue stream in brand gift cards. After all, in the past year, 65% of all American have either received or given gift cards.

Studies have shown that gift cards:

Small and Medium Sized Businesses: Give Your Prospects the Plastic Gift Cards They Prefer

These days, consumers perceive paper gift certificates as antiquated and meager– not the image you want your business to portray. While merchants hear negative comments about paper certificates regularly, many small and medium sized businesses still haven’t made the switch.

Plastic gift cards are not only for the big brands. First Financial’s partners have created gift card solutions so that small and medium sized businesses, too, can participate.

And no second rate gift cards, these! We can design them with your store’s branding and messages. Just like the big guys’, our magnetic stripe gift cards get processed as secure, electronic payments through point of sale and credit card equipment. Finally, First Financial offers several gift card programs so that merchants can choose the one that best fits their business needs.

Don’t let the big brands outmaneuver you in the lucrative gifting market. Sign up for a gift cards program that comes supported by a large in-house support team. We make sure you get a customer service representative who knows your account and understands your business. We spend countless hours helping small and medium businesses get their gift card programs and other merchant services running smoothly.

Get the Attention of the 65% of Americans Who Purchased or Received a Gift Card in the Past Year

Gift cards have become the present of choice for the high-spending teenage crowd. Who knows what those shaggy and constantly plugged-in citizens of the world could possibly want! More, with families spreading across America, sending a gift card is often the most convenient way to send regards to aunts, grandfathers, siblings, friends and more celebrating birthdays and holidays.

A-rated, First Financial helps you tap into the reliable revenue a gift card program can provide. Sign up in minutes and start designing your store’s gift cards today!

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