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5 Tips for Getting Smokers’ Accessories or E-Cigarette Shop Merchant Accounts

High Risk Doesn’t Mean Out of Reach

Being part of a new trend is exciting. Smokers’ accessories and e-cigarette shop owners get to interact with a client base energized by the latest products. Being ahead of the curve, however, brings some challenges, too.


 Have you tried to get a smokers’ accessories or e-cigarette shop merchant account only to be turned down? You’ve probably learned that your completely legitimate business lands in the “high risk” category. Where adult related merchant services applications get turned down because of controversy over what they offer, smokers’ accessories and e-cigarette businesses are turned down simply because these stores haven’t been in business long enough for processors to gauge their reliability. Processors also need more time and data to understand how, when and in what quantities money comes in. Smokers’ accessories and e-cigarette shops get penalized for being brand new.

 The Good News about High Risk Accounts

Processors exist who specialize in not only high risk and low volume accounts, but even high risk and high volume merchant accounts for smokers’ accessories and e-cig shops. First Financial has found them AND screened them AND made sure they focus on your needs. We also make it convenient and fast for you to get set up by providing online high risk merchant account application just for smokers’ accessories and e-cig stores. So, when wading into the high risk waters, make sure you:

  1. Don’t go it alone. First Financial has done the legwork to find the best processors for reliable smokers’ accessories and e-cigarette merchant accounts.
  2. Organize the rationale behind your product selection.  Some e-cig or vape stores offer a wide range of products form portable and digital to herbal grinders. Others focus on a wide variety of just a few products. Whatever you settle on, having an explanation will reflect the thought you’ve put into your business.
  3. Prepare for less room for negotiation. Banks limit their risk in the industry by charging higher fees and less flexible terms. Still, experts agree that offering the convenience of credit card payments increases sales and revenue.
  4. Get your credit rating into good shape. Do the best you can to pay all late payments. Once completed, call one of the three major reporting agencies (Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian) and explain that these payments have been made.
  5. Consider getting a cash “reserve account” together for the processor. Many providers require that you put a certain percentage of your sales into a separate account accessible to the processor in the instance of as insurance against future losses. That you’re ready to provide this kind of security indicates you’re taking the businesses seriously.

Flexible Payment Options Spur Higher Sales

Whether you’re just starting up or bringing new payment convenience to your established business, First Financial has the high risk merchant services you need to capture impulse buys and provide convenience to customers. Apply online for smokers’ accessories and e-cig merchant accounts. You’ll know within 48 hours whether you’ve been approved.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the frequent tips that will help your business thrive!

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