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5 Insider Tips to Get an Adult Related Services Merchant Account

H1 5 Insider Tips to Get an Adult Related Services Merchant Account

High Risk Doesn’t Mean Out of Reach

Reliable Merchant Account Services for Adult and Adult Membership Businesses

 While the adult services industry may be controversial, it is fully legal. Businesses in this niche have the same rights to accept and process credit cards as those in the auto, gift or any other industry. Still, many starting an adult related services business face roadblocks. First, lenders who fear repercussions from shareholders and customers stay away from adult related services merchant accounts all together. Since adult businesses can be quite lucrative, we at First Financial look upon this reluctance as a loss on their end. You should as well.

 A+ Rated First Financial Helps You Through the Hoops

If you’re starting a new adult business or looking to expand, you have considerable planning ahead, as well as a mountain of daily tasks to complete. First Financial has taken the legwork out of finding your ideal adult merchant services account. We’ve explored the field and narrowed our lenders down to those ready to work with you at competitive rates. This said, applying for an adult related services merchant account does take a little more fortitude. To increase your odds for acceptance, follow these tips:

  1. Take some time to clean up your credit rating. Remove what you can from your current credit report. Pay all late payments and liens and then call one of the three major reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian) and explain that these payments have been made.
  2. Be ready with an explanation about previous merchant accounts that have been closed, bankruptcies or judgments. These don’t automatically disqualify you. If you pay a higher rate at first because of them, the merchant account provider will most likely be willing to drop your fees and rates once you’ve proven you’re a good risk.
  3. Prepare to pay higher fees and meet certain requirements others do not. While other business owners get better rates than you do, providing easy, non cash payment options will boost your revenue stream and encourage impulse buys. Paying higher is simply “the price of doing business” in the high risk merchant services sphere.
  4. Get enough cash together to set up a “reserve account.” Many providers require that you put a certain percentage of your sales into a separate account accessible to the processor in the instance of future losses. That you’re ready to provide this kind of security indicates you’re taking the businesses seriously.
  5. Get the following documents organized and ready to deliver up front:
    • Application
    • Articles of incorporation
    • Business license
    • Valid government photo ID (driver’s license)
    • Business utility bill
    • Resume for business owner
    • Six latest processing statements with your latest merchant services account provider
    • Three most recent bank statements for your business
    • Voided check for your business bank account

Getting approved quickly sets you up to bring in more revenues, make on-time payments and establish your business as a good risk. The more credit-worthy you become, the quicker your fees and interest rates will drop.

Flexibility & Personal Service Saves You Money & Hassle

While fewer processors serve adult related services merchant accounts, enough exist for you to still be picky. Do not take the first offer. Does your business model turn on ongoing or monthly credit card charges? Many adult services memberships work this way. Others encourage single purchases or one-time, yearly payments. Whichever way you’ve set up your business, A+ rated First Financial’s pre-screened processors can provide you with an adult merchant account for your company’s specific needs.

Ready to Get Your Revenue Flowing?

Call First Financial at 800-950-0212. Apply online for merchant accounts, too. You’ll know within 48 hours whether you’ve been approved.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for frequent tips about personal and business money management.

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