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Frequently Asked Questions – Mortgage Loans

Frequently Asked Questions – Mortgage Loans

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What type of property can I finance?

First Financial can help you get a mortgage for owner-occupied properties (primary residence) for single family homes, town homes, condos, and 2-4 unit properties. For vacation homes, we offer mortgages for single family homes, town homes, and condos.

What is a Loan Estimate?

This estimate provides an itemized list of fees and costs associated with your loan and is provided within 3 business days of applying for a mortgage loan. The Mortgage Loan Estimate breaks down your loan terms on a standardized form to ensure you’re able to compare offers from different lenders and make an informed decision.

Do I need a down payment?

Yes. Your down payment will depend on the type of loan you choose. For VA loans you may be able to but with no money down.

How much do I need for a down payment?

The down payment depends on the type of home loan you’re looking for and your credit score. We have lots of options with as little as 3.5% down for FHA loans, 5% down for conventional loans and 10% down for most vacation homes.

What is escrow?

This is a pre-determined amount that’s included in your monthly mortgage payment to cover your taxes and homeowner’s insurance. The lender keeps this amount in an account to make the payments on your behalf.

What are closing costs?

They are a list of fees charged by the lender you choose and third parties the lender uses to fund your mortgage loan. It costs the lender money to run your credit score, get an appraisal and evaluate your mortgage loan application, which is why closing costs exist. You will be required to pay closing costs with every lender, but at First Financial we do our best to keep them low for you.

Do you do auto loans for people with poor or bad credit?

Yes we work we people with all credit scores.

How do I know that First Financial is a real company?

First Financial has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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