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Frequently Asked Questions – About

Frequently Asked Questions – About

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Do you need a checking account to apply for a personal loan?

Yes. You can also use a check card with an account number and routing number.

Is First Financial a direct lender?

Yes. If we are not able to approve you we will recommend someone else in our network. You will have to complete the process with them.

Can I use a direct deposit card when applying for a loan instead of a bank account.

Yes. It needs to have an account number and routing number.

How do I access my loan online?

Please contact your lender directly.

Do you run credit when applying for a loan?

We do not run credit when applying for a personal loan. We do run credit when applying for an auto loan.

What types of services do you offer?

Auto loans, business loans, commercial loans, ATM Services, personal loans, cash advance loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, prepaid debit cards, merchant services, high risk merchant services and merchant cash advance.

Where are you located?

First Financial ® Corporate Headquarters2850 Womble Road Suite 100-604 San Diego, CA 92106

How do I know that First Financial is a real company?

First Financial has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Are you First Financial Bank?


Are you First Financial Credit Union?


Are you Peoples First Financial?


Does First Financial share your information?

If First Financial is not able to approve you for a loan you will be presented an offer by some one in our network. We provide them with your basic information and you would need to complete the application with them.

What kind of loan is best for me?

Go to and select the offer that works best for you. After you complete the application we will let you know what you qualify for. Then you can decide what is best for you.

Does applying for a loan with First Financial effect your credit score?

When applying for a personal loan with First Financial we do not run your credit so it does not effect your score. Other offers like auto and business loans will run your credit and may effect your credit as an inquiry.

Can I have a cosigner on an application?

For personal loans we do not allow a cosigner. For other offers like auto loans we will allow cosigners.

Does First Financial do debt consolidation loans?

First financial does small personal loans up to $2500. We do not do debt consolidations for more then that amount.

Does First Financial accept Disability income on the application?


What if I do not have internet access?

We only accept application through our website so internet access would be required. You could go to the library or an internet cafe.

Are you able to get a personal loan from First Financial to build up your credit if you have previously filed for bankruptcy?


Do you accept 1099 income from self employed people for a loan?


What is the lowest credit score you will do?

Many of our products do not go by credit score.

I’m trying to get a payoff or lien release for Peoples First Financial.

Sorry we are not Peoples First Financial. You have the wrong company.

Do you do loans in Pennsylvania?

Yes. But not all of our products are available in every state. To see if a loan offer is available simply enter your zip code into the application to see if it allows you to complete the application.

How does the process application work?

All applications are currently active and online. Simply go to the website and select the offer that works for you. Once you apply you will be presented with an offer and a representative will reach out to you.

Can you use child support, disability, social security or benefit income to qualify for a loan.

Yes. We will use all types of income.

If approved for an auto loan do you need to go to a specific dealer?

Yes. They need to be an approved dealership.

How long does it take to get an answer when applying for a loan?

If you are not approved instantly it can take 24 to 48 hours to get additional information from you. You may be presented with another offer from someone in our network. You would have to complete the process with them.

If your question is not answered please submit it to our Help Desk

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