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It all starts with your information request. Since every situation is unique, we make sure to directly focus on and understand our customer’s individual needs. After submitting your request, within 24 hours we will reach out to you to discuss your commercial loan options. Since 1996, our loans have helped more than 50,000 customers stay current with what they want from a commercial lender.

When buying a property to expand your business and build industry leadership, trust A+ rated First Financial to provide the lowest rates, on-the-go access and the most robust security allowed by the U.S. Treasury Department. Since 1996, our loans have helped more than 50,000 buy the offices, factories and warehouses that will keep their costs under control long-term.

We’re proud to offer hard-working, U.S. business owners:

  • Low interest rates –automation, fewer employees, low marketing and operating costs (no branches!) allow us to offer far lower interest rates on a commercial loan.
  • Higher loan approval rates – a Harvard Business School study revealed that online lenders approve applicants 60% of the time. Large banks approve an average 21% of applicants.[i] First Financial’s low overhead ensures approval rates two and three times higher than traditional banks.
  • All the security traditional banks offer. The U.S. Treasury Department mandates all lenders, whether on- or offline use “banking-level,” 128-bit encryption!
  • Convenience of online applications, approval notices, documentation uploads and more. Avoid intense, one-on-one interviews and get your commercial loan financed from the comfort of your home.

Commercial Loan Perks Responsible Companies Deserve.

First Financial’s lending team has studied commercial borrowing needs to ensure business owners secure the properties that stabilize costs and grow profits. Overseas investment in American sites and other factors have driven the cost of commercial spaces higher. Keep costs under control during the growth phase of your enterprise when you secure a commercial loan.

Our commercial loans come with a slew of helpful perks. These include:

  • Term loan rates that start at a low 5.99% annual interest rate (AIR)
  • Expert loan advisors that take your application over the phone.
  • Fast online application that takes just minutes to complete.
  • Instant or under 24-hour approval.
  • Limited borrower document requests: basic business information and three months of bank statements.
  • Money in your account in 24 hours or less.
  • Access to a loan specialist available from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. on email and phone.
  • Secure and easy-to-use mobile and web platforms so you can manage your accounts on-the-go.

No other lender offers the excellent terms, convenient transactions and ironclad security First Financial provides every borrower. We even help you choose which of the many types of loans help you save the most in taxes and protect your business. You can examine your options on these pages:

Lending Trends: Convenient, Online Commercial Lending to Overtake Traditional Lending.

The internet has brought incredible changes to so many aspects of life, lending included! A recent First Data study (revealingly titled: “The Unbanked Generation”) reveals that most Millennials prefer online banking to walking into a branch.[ii] Even more painful, 71% say they would rather visit a dentist than listen to a banker discuss financial matters (harsh, guys!). More:

  • 23% have never written a check
  • 63% don’t have a credit card
  • 95% of those under 35 use online banking

By 2025, these Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce. We’ve made sure our commercial loans meet their expectations for convenience, service and flexibility.

Does Your Business Meet These Qualifications?

As much as we want to help every applicant buy their ideal property, we are only able to offer our low-rate loans to wholesale companies that meet certain requirements. Approved applicants must have been in business a minimum of one year.

While our average borrower earns $500,000 in annual revenues, we provide loans to $100,000-annual-revenue businesses as well. Nearly all applicants meet a 500 minimum FICO score and has had no bankruptcies in the past two years. Finally, we can only lend to businesses in low-risk industries. Review this list of restricted industries for which First Financial cannot provide commercial loans.

To find out whether you qualify for a First Financial small commercial loan, apply via our application here. Our “soft” inquiry won’t affect your credit score, unless we find your credit file is restricted. If we do, we will contact you to lift the restriction. With your permission, we perform a hard pull, which will impact your credit score. If we discover your credit file is restricted, we contact you to ask permission to perform a hard pull.

Research Our Low Rates without Risk

First Financial’s “Soft” Credit Inquiry Won’t Affect Your Score.

Every day, we write commercial loans for businesses rejected by big banks. With a myriad of online inefficiencies, First Financial pays a fraction of the marketing and operational costs that weigh down traditional lenders. The money we save allows us to provide the lowest interest rates and fees in the industry. Further, our “soft pull” means you risk nothing to research the rates we can offer you. Apply today!

[i] Mills, Karen Gordon and Brayden McCarthy. “The State of Small Business Lending: Credit Access during the Recovery and How Technology May Change the Game” Harvard Business School. 22 July 2014


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