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Business Loans for Manufacturers and Distributors

Business Loans for Manufacturers and Distributors

Best Business Loans for Manufacturers and Distributors

Highly Rated First Financial is Ideal for this Industry

Those in the manufacturing and distribution industries are vital cogs in the economy. Running a manufacturing and distributing business demands business loans that keep cash flow positive. At First Financial, our business loans for manufacturers and distributors make it easy to handle insurance costs, manage cash flow, and so much more. Apply today!

Request More InformationIt all starts with your information request. Since every situation is unique, we make sure to directly focus on and understand our customer’s individual needs. After submitting your request, within 24 hours we will reach out to you to discuss your business loan options. Since 1996, our loans have helped more than 50,000 businesses stay current with what they want from a business lender.

First Financial provides loans to manufacturers and distributors that have a solid management team and have a track record of producing profits year after year. Join the other thousands of businesses that are enjoying the low rates and excellent terms offered by First Financial.

Business Loan Advantages for Manufacturers and Distributors

By offering lower business loan costs to successful companies, First Financial can help business owners utilize those savings towards building their manufacturing and distribution operation.

As an online funding source, First Financial is proud to provide the same high level of security as established local and regional banks, as required by the FDIC. Our loans are guaranteed to keep your funds safe, without the threat of hacking or viruses.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive with a small business loan from First Financial:

  • First-rate terms with low interest rates that only the best borrowers deserve.
  • While rates vary according to applicant information, term loan rates start at 5.99% annual interest rate (AIR).
  • Lines of credit rates start as low as 13.99% annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Money transferred to your account in one business day!
  • The majority of our applicants are approved instantly.
  • Expert loan advisors who can take your application over the phone if you’d like.
  • Managing accounts is safeguarded and easy with our helpful mobile and web platforms.
  • Your personal information is safe and secure with our proven privacy practices.
  • With timely payments, your business credit scores will improve.
  • With our speedy application process, it only takes about 7 minutes to complete the online application!
  • We don’t require a ton of documents – just basic business information and three months of bank statements.
  • Our loan specialists can assist you via phone/email from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Does your Manufacturing/Distribution Business Meet The Criteria?

If your manufacturing/distributing company meets the appropriate requirements, then we can offer you our low-rate, personalized loans. Generally, business owners do already meet our requirements of: having a minimum FICO score of 500, and being in business for at least a year. We cater to many clients who come to First Financial after a previous bank rejected their loan application. We’re glad we have been able to provide capital to thousands of business through the years, as these businesses are now flourishing, growing, and expanding at a successful rate.

The applicants we have approved have these factors in common:

  • Minimum 1+ years in business (average borrower has been in business 6 years)
  • Consistent cash flow
  • Based in US, Canada or Australia
  • $100,000 in gross annual revenue (average borrower does $500k)
  • Doing business in an approved industry – while First Financial has approved businesses in hundreds of different categories, we have to say “no” to businesses in industries that are new (Cannabis, digital marketing), have high chargebacks or other unpredictable aspects. Review a complete list of the restricted industries LINK for which First Financial cannot provide business loans.
  • No bankruptcy in last 2 years
  • Minimum FICO score of 500 (average customer has a 680 score)

To determine if you qualify for a small business loan with First Financial, apply here. Your credit score won’t be affected by this this “soft” inquiry unless we find that your credit file is restricted. If this happens, we will contact you to lift the restriction in order to perform a hard pull. This will affect your credit score, but we will let you know immediately if your credit file is restricted.

A Glimpse into Manufacturing and Distributing’s Future

Insights to Map Your Business Growth

Like many industries, the future of the manufacturing and distributing industry hinges on technological advances. Overall, however, its prospects look bright.

The manufacturing segment of this industry, according to the global consulting firm, Protiviti, has been expanding. In its report from May 2017, it indicated that the U.S. manufacturing industry is “on the rebound,” and has shown its strongest advance in three years, especially in the machinery, plastics, rubber, fabricated metals and paper sectors. The report also mentioned that the biggest focus for the manufacturing industry should be: be implementation and staff retention for robotics/AI technology, and integrating up-to-date IT data analytics tools.[i]

As for the distribution end, MITS, a company that provides distributor/manufacturer analytics, reported in its 2017 blog on distribution trends that the “Amazons of the world” have changed the usual format of distributing. The article continued to say if distributors put some “time and effort” towards their online selling channels, then they will become “the likely winners in 2017.”[ii] The same write-up suggested that investing in up-to-date “replacement technology platforms” can ensure an advantage in the marketplace, namely with access to relevant, quick, timely information from state-of-the-art systems.

Another trend with these industries appears to be an increased reliance on outsourcing. Sikich, a technology advisory firm, reported that contracting out manufacturing allows companies to save on the overhead of owning their own factories. In addition, manufacturers have also improved their efficiency by leasing out equipment/facilities on an as needed basis to save costs.[iii]

Technological change challenges all industries, but those willing to keep up with it will succeed. An investment in your business to integrate replacement technology platforms and even the software and hardware to keep inventory coming and going efficiently should pay off in a few years or less

A First Financial Business Loan Will Keep your Manufacturing and Distributing Company Viable

First Financial’ manufacturing and distributing company loans ensures you can stay abreast of the digital era which includes autonomous cars and the Internet of Things. Because our banking service is all online, our application process, statements and notices come and go in a matter of clicks, without the hassle of a meeting with a banker. You may view documents with ease, on your own time, via the web from any device. Apply today!




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