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First Financial helps families build credit scores with bad credit-credit cards that report all payments to credit bureaus. Careful money habits and on-time payments start pushing credit scores up within months. If your credit score is under 601, apply here to start building a solid financial future!


The Bad Credit – Credit Card that Helps You Rebuild

Perks of the First Financial Bad Credit Credit Card

Users with bad credit still deserve some advantages. With responsible card habits, they also enjoy: 

Temporary “Bad Credit” a Way of Life for Many

Millions Escape it Every Day! Why You Should, Too:

A full one-third or 68 million Americans have “bad credit” or scores under 601.[i]

The scads of “pre-approved” credit card offers and advertisements for enticing products work together to keep Americans in debt. Most consumers land on this page once they realize they’ve fallen into the easy money and must-have products trap.  

Soon enough, those with bad credit realize that their mortgage and auto loan rates are significantly higher. Surely, in the five-year life of the auto loan you had better things to spend that $2,580 on. Thirty years in the less expensive home loan could have gotten you a nice RV or at least some hefty college tuition payments!  

Employers and Landlords Want Good Credit Candidates

Good credit also makes you more appealing to a prospective landlord and employer. Often, the first question a landlord or rental agency asks is, “what’s your credit score.” They collect your social security number so that they can check it themselves.

It’s not just landlords that check credit. Many are surprised to find that that 47 percent of U.S. companies perform credit background checks.[1] Rest assured, employers check only credit history, not credit score. Hiring managers believe that those behind on large debts could be prone to stealing from the company. Poor credit may also translate as a lack of care with clients’ money and time. The hiring manager does have to get permission to explore your credit history. Reluctance to give this permission reflects unfavorably on you. 

How First Financial Bad Credit Credit Cards Work

Credit cards for bad credit come in two options: secured and unsecured. The secured bad credit credit card requires a deposit. Applicants with the lowest credit scores typically only qualify for secured cards. In these instances, the borrow puts a deposit down that’s twice as much as he or she wants to borrow.

On its face, the deposit seems to defeat the whole purpose of borrowing someone else’s money for purchases today. The secured credit card’s reason for existence is credit building, not payment convenience. Its value lies in the fact that it reports usage and payments to Experian, TransUnion and Equifax each month.  Deposits vary based on the borrower’s situation and the lender’s offer, but they can range anywhere from 20% to 200% of the amount the applicant wants to “borrow.”

One step up, the unsecured bad credit credit card doesn’t require a deposit but it will charge monthly fees and come with an interest rate higher than that charged to those with good credit. When you apply, you will discover which you qualify for. 

Leaving the Bad Credit Credit Card Behind

With consistent, on-time payments, borrowers improve credit scores enough to move to an unsecured card. Upon closing the bad credit credit card, they receive their deposit in full. Those with secured credit cards can ask their issuer to convert to unsecured credit card and receive their deposit back.

From the bad credit credit card, borrowers can move up to cards that offer lower interest rates and more perks. Eventually, you too can earn travel miles and cash back.

Get the Best Bad Credit Credit Cards through First Financial!

Debt due to family emergencies, youthful inexperience and lack of understanding of purchases has put 68 million of us in the poor and bad credit categories. Your determination can get you to good and even excellent credit. And to think it all started with a bad credit credit card! 

In minutes, you can (and should) begin your journey to smart money management. A few strokes on the keyboard and your card is on its way.


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