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[expand title=”The Online Auto Loan’s Many Advantages“]

Relying on your bank or the dealership for your auto loan may amount to paying more than necessary. The online car loan offers better rates, less hassle and all the safety of these older options. 

Online lenders use the same “banking-level” security used by traditional banks and dealership lenders. That means your personal information and funds are just as safe when you arrange your auto loan online.  

The internet lender can do everything the car dealership’s financing office can do and more. Researching loans in your own home and at your leisure is far more pleasant than interacting with a loan officer or the dealership’s finance department. You retain control at all times. At home with your laptop, you’re free to explore as many loan amounts for as many different cars as you wish. 

Once you’ve arranged your financing, the lenders use convenient apps that allow you to:

The online request form prioritizes borrower convenience. More, acutely aware that borrowers can easily click away to another offer.


[expand title=”Auto Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers“]

First Financial has presented the lenders who have been successful in making solutions to fair, poor and bad credit borrowers. With 40% of Americans in the “subprime” credit category (under 680), we have a robust clientele. In business since 1996, the past two decades have taught us that the vast majority of these borrowers make their payments on-time and pay in full at the end of the loan. 

We’ve been successful offering bad credit auto loan solutions primarily because of our innovative request form.

For far too long, lenders made approval decisions based on one piece of information: the credit score delivered by credit bureaus. While more sophisticated algorithms does take your credit score into account, it also pulls in data points about how consistently you’ve paid your rent, cell phone and utility bills. This more comprehensive request form has helped find many more borrowers who have the financial responsibility to handle a car loan. 

Another solution for a bad credit car loan is to ask a cosigner to help you qualify. This step can even get you a lower interest rate. Keep in mind that if a family member or friend does sign with you, he or she is responsible for the loan and even any missed payments. 


[expand title=”First Financial’s Easy Auto Loan Eligibility Request Form“]

As specialists in fair, poor and bad credit auto loans, we must take care to ensure borrowers do not borrow an amount that will become burdensome to them. Still, the majority (93%) of request get accepted. We even accept some requests with bankruptcies on their credit reports. The good news is that car loans actually help you improve your credit score.

Lenders approve most requests where the borrower can show:

Providing this information is simply a matter of filling out fields in our online request form. If you’re unsure of how to prove residency, your lender’s customer service representative can help. 


[expand title=”Subprime Auto Loans for Active and Retired Duty Military“]

Members of our armed forces experience challenges that impact credit score. Relocations lead to unreachability, and issues arising from unattended business can snowball. Medical matters can impact a soldier’s ability to work and create financial hardship. These factors can make it difficult for soldiers to maintain healthy credit scores.  

First Financial’s understands the complexities involved in serving our country. When a soldier needs a vehicle, they do everything they can to accept the online request. Our military is appreciated and get special consideration. 


[expand title=”You Probably Qualify For A Loan“]

700 and Above – Very good to excellent. You will have no problem getting a loan with a credit score of 700 or above.

680 to 699 – This credit score puts you in the ” Good / Fair” category. That one point between good and very good to excellent credit generally makes little difference to lenders.

620 to 679 – If your credit score falls into this range, you fall into the “Okay”or “fair” category. The closer your score is to 679, the better. 620 is considered to be a “par” credit rating.

580 to 619 – While you aren’t in the “Bad” category yet, you are on the edge if your credit score falls in this range. You are officially in the “poor” credit category.

500 to 580– You can still get credit in this scoring range. More information may be required.

499 and below – Yes, even with as score of 499 or below you may still be extended credit. More information may be required.


[expand title=”Frequently Asked Questions“]

Can auto loans be refinanced?

No. We do not refinance vehicles. We provide solutions for new and used vehicle purchases only.

Will auto loan rates drop next year?

As secured loans, auto loan rates are already some of the lowest interest rates of all loan types. While auto loan rates may go lower if the Federal Reserve reduces the prime rate, the difference of .25% won’t make much of a difference in your car payment. 

Can an auto loan help my credit score? 

The auto loan itself doesn’t help or hurt your credit score. Instead, your behavior in paying in full on time can increase your credit score. Making late payments will drop your credit score. 

When are auto loan rates the lowest? 

Auto dealers often have the best incentives during the week of Christmas and the week following. When you already have financing arranged, you can negotiate on car price alone. 

How long should a car loan term be?

Traditionally, car loans have a five year term. In recent years, dealers and lenders have begun offering six and seven year terms in order to bring the monthly payment down.




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