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5 Last Minute Tips to Get Procrastinating Holiday Shoppers into Your Business

Procrastinators need your enticements to get their shopping done!

 A segment of society is in denial that the holidays are just around the corner. The good news is that these shoppers don’t pay the deep discounts you may have to use to attract the masses in the weeks leading up to the holidays. No, procrastinators get stuck with full retail price. They know they need to either pay up or fall down in the family’s eyes. Why not be the impetus that prods these lazy shoppers toward your product or service? Here’s how:

1.Extend your hours
Because the procrastinator will wait until the very last moment, consider extending your hours of operation. Stay open until 11:00 p.m. If possible, you can even consider staying open late on Christmas Eve, so the procrastinator will have easy access to those very last minute impulse gift purchases.

2. Provide limited-time-only deals
Whether it’s free shipping, free gift-wrapping, or maybe even a freebie gift with a purchase, lures can get the procrastinating customer into your store, especially if limited to a short period. Your enticement does the shopper a favor! If these deals were available without a start-and-stop time frame, the procrastinator has absolutely no incentive to act right away, and so he or she just won’t act at all. So be sure to keep these offers temporary, so the procrastinator knows that if he or she waits too long, the good deal will be lost.

3.Have the displays do the thinking for the procrastinating shopper
If a procrastinator is browsing through your store while totally unsure of what his or her plan of action is, go ahead and provide your own plan of action for that customer. Believe us, they need your help.

Have displays in your retail establishment with signage saying, “The perfect gift for the woman in your life” or, “Heartfelt gifts that are all under $25!” One of the reasons underlying procrastination is complete cluelessness. Signs help the procrastinator visualize the true, practical use of a product for a certain person in his or her life. With the price obvious, he or she can make a quick decision and once again, business owner, you’ve made life easy.

4. Offer gift certificates
Gift certificates are such an easy option for the last-minute holiday shopper. Therefore, be sure to provide that option, so your harried last-minute customer can be stress-free in his or her shopping experience. A lovely envelope and ribbon saves the procrastinator from hunting down wrapping. Again you help the shopper and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

5.Advertise, advertise, advertise
The procrastinating holiday shopper won’t necessarily do the extra research needed to find out that your particular shop has a fantastic Christmas deal going on, so advertise the fact. Put attractive signage up in front of your store, send an emailed coupon blast to your potential customers. Get those search engine optimization buzz words pertaining to your particular product onto your website blogs. How else will the procrastinator be aware of your product this holiday season?


First Financial Never Procrastinates When It comes to Your Business Success
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