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Are Mobile Payments Secure?

Mobile Payments Security

Where does mobile credit card processing security come in to play? The main concern is that consumers’ information cannot be breached during any mobile transaction. Processors are concerned that processing transmissions might be targeted for intercepted, making private financial information available to thieves and hackers. Some consumer are concerned that virtual wallets might leave consumers open to fraud if their phones are lost or stolen.

For now, it’s likely that criminals are more concerned with obtaining batches of credit card numbers rather than single numbers. The technologies are moving so fast  that it may be some time before hackers can quickly break into mobile card transactions. There is sure to be a long learning curve for both merchants using mobile card readers and consumers using virtual wallets when they become available worldwide.

Safety concerns go hand in hand with all technological development we see today. Recently Square released a new version of its mobile card reader that uses encryption to safeguard transactions details. The Intuit Go Payment card reader uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. This type of encryption is practically impenetrable, some experts say. There’s security for merchants because card information is not stored in their phones and security for consumers because they can see the swipe happen in front of them..

Virtual wallet security, processors will allow you to load credit, debit and loyalty cards onto your phone and then encrypt that information. A PIN will be required for payment, and the mobile phone will need to be held by the user and waved near a reader. This combination of encryption, a PIN number and the phone never leaving the consumer’s hands should add up to a full security system.


In 2013 Watch Out For Auto Loan Scams

Everyone knows that the auto loan business has risks, but there may be more out there than you initially think. The risks that you think of are probably just when you are dealing with such processes as seeking car loans for low credit scores and how you can easily get stuck with a high interest rate. Things of that nature are what you typically watch out for, but another one is much more serious and can hurt people of all types of credit situations. It will target the same audience though for the most part.

There are many Different Possible Varieties of Cetified Used Cars.

Now every single manufacturer will have completely different offers, standards, and requirements so you will have to look into all of those personally. It will take a bit more research than usual when looking into buying a car but it will certainly pay off in the end. I mean how is saving money on a used car purchase not a wonderful thing? A great step you will be able to take if you do have bad credit and need a little bit of help would be to look into some sort of online financing for bad credit cars. This is something that we can help you out with and will also be able to let you know if you would be able to make such a purchase. While they are used cars and are cheaper than new they will be more expensive than your typical used car. Basically though high quality affordable used cars have never been more achievable even with a low credit score so why not see what is out there and what can be done to help you and your situation to be mobile as soon as possible!

What is a Certified Used Vehicle?

Basically for those who are unaware of what exactly a certified used vehicle is it will be a used car that meets specific age and mileage requirements that are set by the manufacturer. Then they must undergo very extensive review and inspection at the dealership. They will often come with a warranty and may have financing options that are similar to new cars. The big difference is that it will be extremely beneficial to people who have been shopping for preowned cars with poor credit scores. This means that by choosing certified pre owned that you can find the car you have been dying to get at a much lower price and what is wrong with that?

Are Thinking Of Buying A Certified Used Car?

If you are looking to buying a car everyone would love to purchase new and want to avoid used cars. That will be most people’s goal though when browsing for vehicles. It is not going to be an option for most people to buy new and that is why most people will be shopping for a used car, but what if you could combine the two? Get high quality of a newer vehicle while also getting the lower price of a used car sounds like a dream right? Well it can easily be your reality and it will all be thanks to a certified used car.

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