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First Financial – Telephone Collection Policy

First Financial does not own or service any debt. We are a lead aggregate. We do not do any out bound calling. We do not hire anyone to do any collection on our behalf. If someone is calling and says they are from First Financial you should ask for their phone number and call them back or contact your phone company.

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What do I do if I lost my First Financial credit card?

Follow these instructions to cancel a card and receive a replacement.

Report a lost or stolen card:

To contact Global Customer Assistance Services, you may place a collect call from anywhere in the world to +1 303 967 1090.

  • Call Visa Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free within the United States at 1-800-847-2911.
  • Travelling outside the U.S.? Select the name of the country you are in to find a local toll-free number.
  • Callers in certain countries dialing these numbers from mobile or hotel phones might be charged fees. If your country is not listed or if you experience difficulties using any of the toll-free numbers, call direct 1-303-967-1096. ♦Await second dial tone Please click here for a full listing of Visa Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free numbers.

How do I get loan payoff information?

First Financial .com does not provide loan payoffs through our website or over the phone.

First Financial .Com does not own or service any debt, provide any payoffs over the phone, or at our website. You need to contact the number listed on your statement or the back of your credit card.We recommend getting this information from your credit report.

What credit score is required to qualify for a cash advance loan?

Do you Qualify for a Loan ?

700 and Above – Very good to excellent. We will have no problems giving you a loan with a credit score of 700 or above.
680 to 699 – This credit score puts you in the ” Good / Fair” category. That one point between good and very good to excellent credit generally makes little difference to lenders.
620 to 679 – If your credit score falls into this range, you fall into the “Okay” category. The closer your score is to 679, the better. 620 is consider to be a “par” credit rating.
580 to 619 – While you aren’t in the “Bad” category yet, you are teetering on the edge if your credit score falls in this range. 620 is the prime rate cut-off.
500 to 580– You can still get credit in this scoring range. More information may be required.
499 and below – Yes, even with as score of 499 or below you can still be extended credit. More information may be required.

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